After the shooting, the Black Live Matter rights activist was critically ill in the hospital. British News

British police and a friend said that the victim, Sasha Johnson, did not appear to be the target, but that she had received death threats in the past.

An activist who played an important role in an anti-racism demonstration in the UK was shot and was in a critical condition in a London hospital.

Participating in the Advocacy Party said that Sasha Johnson (Sasha Johnson) played a leading role in the Black Lives Matter protest last year and was shot on Sunday.

The police and a friend said that this did not appear to be a targeted attack, although the party said Johnson had received “a large number of death threats” related to her actions.

The party said Johnson was “a powerful voice for our people and our community.”

The Metropolitan Police said that before 3 a.m. on Sunday, officials received reports of shooting in the Peckham area of ??the city.

The police said the shooting took place near a house where the gathering took place. A 27-year-old woman was in a critical hospital after being shot.

It did not confirm her identity, but said: “There is no indication that this was a targeted attack or that this woman had received any credible threats before this incident.”

Detectives have appealed to witnesses, and no one has been arrested.

Friend Imarn Ayton said she didn’t believe Johnson was the intended goal.

She told the BBC: “As far as we know, she is attending a party.”

“A rival gang might have heard that someone had attended that party and felt uncomfortable or distrustful of them, so they resorted to driving over and shooting into the garden. One of the shots apparently attacked Sasha Johnson. ).

“But I don’t believe she is the intended victim.”

Like other countries, the United Kingdom has also faced racial unease since the death of American black police officer George Floyd on the knees of American police officers in May 2020.

A large number of people in the British national protests called on the government and institutions to face the legacy of the British Empire and the huge profits that the country gained from the slave trade.

Last summer, Johnson delivered a speech at a rally and was the leader of the newly formed “Take the Initiative Party” led by Black-led.

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