We are in “Great Relaxation”

in a Tweet reply Last weekend, billionaire businessman and cryptocurrency advocate Mark Cuban described current price movements as part of a “great relaxation.” The comment is in response to The Block research director Larry Cermak (Larry Cermak), and emphasizes the meaning of “closed-out” by over-leveraged trading.

In response to the detailed description of Twitter in Newsweek, Cuba said: “If there is one thing that crypto enthusiasts will lose their way, it is that fundamentally speaking, there will be many participants, from token holders to Validators, miners and others will all be rewarded”.

Cuba and encryption

Mark Cuban is no stranger to cryptocurrencies. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, regular and serial entrepreneurs of “Shark Tank” have been bluntly talking about smart contracts, NFT projects and more.

In the detailed email exchange Published by The Wall Street Journal Cuban columnist Andy Kessler described today’s NFT as the upcoming “proof of concept.” When asked about the use cases of smart contracts such as mortgages, Cuban further urged: “Smart contracts on the blockchain, especially Ethereum, are a huge game changer that every company will use.”

Of course, Mark Cuban also put money on his own mouth, as an early investor in encryption tools such as OpenSea and CryptoSlam.io. And othersIn addition, given Elon Musk’s comments on Tesla and Bitcoin, he recently redoubled his efforts to allow the Dallas Mavericks to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin ticket sales.

According to Mark, all this “is no different from the Internet in 1995, when people were not so sure, but in the end they saw the role and value of the Internet. Smart contracts will swallow the software-as-a-service world.”

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The volatility has just begun?

Cuba insists that the best projects will persevere.Nevertheless, it is very likely roller coaster The ups and downs will continue.

CryptocurrencyFear and Greed IndexRecently reached an astonishing level 12, which is a rare level. In March 2020, the index scored approximately 10. In April 2018, the index set a record 16 levels. At the time of writing, the index is currently 10 (“Extreme Fear”).

Volatility is nothing new, but been exacerbated recently| Source: CRYPTOCAP on TradingView.com

Mark Cuban’s love for Ethereum

Cubans understand without a doubt that Bitcoin is the most mature store of value in the current cryptocurrency field, but the project built on Ethereum seems to be one of the most exciting main players in the cryptocurrency field-his Both public statements and private investment emphasize this point.

Cuban stated that the impact of Ethereum 2.0 “may be greater than we currently imagine” and has invested in Ethereum projects such as Polygon.

Despite a difficult journey, the Cubans seem to have set their sights on the long-term.

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