Voting experts discuss the target group of voters for the recall election

(Inside California politics)—As we prepare for the upcoming recall elections, we are still studying race and voting trends across California based on the 2020 election.

According to data from the California Institute of Public Policy, the vast majority of African-American voters are Democrats, accounting for 73%. Republican voters may only have 5%, independents 17%, and “other” voters 4%.

Most likely Asian American voters are also 54% Democrats. 19% may be Republicans, 26% are independents, and only 2% are “other” people.

Perhaps a slightly higher percentage of Latino voters are Democrats, 58%, 16% Republicans, 26% independent and 2% “other”.

Among possible white voters, 40% said they were Democrats, 34% said they were Republicans, 21% were independents, and 4% said “others.”

Among Californians who identify as another group or multiracial group, 43% said they are likely to vote for the Democratic Party. Nineteen of the Republicans said that 29% said they were independent, and 9% said “other.”

Voting expert Mike Madrid joined the “California Inner Politics” organization to provide some insights into these trends and their impact on election recalls.

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