Two people were killed and twelve were injured in a shooting at a family gathering in Southern New Jersey

Update (10:31 AM): Police said two people were killed and 12 others were injured in a shooting at a family gathering in Fairfield, Cumberland, on Saturday night.

The two victims were a 30-year-old male and a 25-year-old female. Two victims were found dead at the scene. The police did not reveal their names.

The police said all the victims were adults and were taken to a nearby hospital for various injuries. One injured victim was seriously injured and is currently in a critical state.

No one was arrested. The cause of the shooting is still under investigation.

Anyone requesting information can contact the New Jersey Police Department in Bridgetown at 856-451-0101, or submit a tip by: Cumberland County Attorney’s Office.

Police said hundreds of people were involved in a shooting at a New Jersey house gathering on Saturday night, causing many injuries and deaths.

According to New Jersey police, the shooting took place at about 11:50 on Saturday night at a residence in the 1000 block of East Commercial Street in Fairfield Township, Cumberland County.

When the gunfire began, more than 100 people were in the house to attend the party, which distracted the attendees for safety reasons.

According to reports, multiple victims were injured and killed, but the police did not provide the exact number of casualties in the shooting. 6ABC. According to the police, the incident was a “fatal mass shooting” NBC10.

Some of the victims were transferred to nearby hospitals by on-site medical staff, and they responded to this.

According to reports, at least six people were injured in the shooting and were taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden. CNN. Since then, two of the victims have been released from the hospital, and the other four patients are still receiving wound treatment. It is unclear how many people were taken to the hospital and the condition of the injured.

State police officers and special police are investigating the shooting at the scene. The police can be seen searching the area with dogs. The residence is located in woodland near the cemetery, church and school.

The authorities are investigating a car parked in a nearby cemetery, but it is unclear whether there is a connection between the car and the shooting. Allegedly, the car has been towed away from the scene. CBS3.

There were no reports of arrests. Who opened the fire or the cause of the incident is unknown.

This is a developing story. Please come back for more updates.

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