The longest-lived navy pilot celebrates his 100th birthday

ENCINITAS-Retired Admiral Doniphan’Don’ Brown Shelton celebrated his 100th birthdayday Happy birthday to the American Legion Post (American Legion Post) 416 in Encinitas with family and friends on Saturday.

Admiral Don Shelton said that his mother lived a long and healthy life.

“My secret is that my mother is smarter than me,” Admiral Shelton said. “I think I am smart enough to get wisdom from her.”

Admiral Sheldon is the oldest surviving naval pilot, and is part of the greatest generation that served in World War II, South Korea and Vietnam.

“When you read your resume and go to’Oh my God’, he is very humble. This man has done a lot of things. He has been commanding two stars and he is responsible for evacuation from Vietnam. Civilians have to leave.” American veteran Said Ed Riley, a member of Association 416.

Admiral Sheldon received recognition and birthday blessings from all over the world, including Pope Francis, President Biden and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

“Dear Admiral Sheldon, we wish you a hundred years Happy birthday to you and thank you for your most outstanding service in the U.S. Navy in 40 years… Sincerely Joe Biden,” Sheldon said.

Admiral Sheldon recalled one of his proudest moments in the military when he rescued 43,000 Vietnamese refugees through Subic Bay in the Philippines between April and August 1975.

Shelton said: “This is a great experience, and I always record it as the best experience I have had during my time in the Navy.”

Shelton said that another day he will never forget is the day he joined the US Navy.

Sheldon said: “I took the train to Del Mar in 1939, and I looked up here and said,’Boy, this is a nice town.'”

Admiral Sheldon, who is now retired, said that he is grateful to all the friends who have been with him over the years.

Sheldon said: “This shows that if you have friends with you, I will be grateful-all these people are my friends, some are family members.”

Shelton’s advice to the younger generation is: “Be straightforward, think about what you want to do, do it right and do it often, and let everything take care of you.”

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