The live event industry is eagerly looking forward to June 15

EL CAJON-The local entertainment industry is eagerly looking forward to lifting restrictions on COVID-19 in the state next month.

Many promoters of local events are eager to see how the relaxed regulations will affect the industry.

After the restrictions are lifted, concert venues like Magnolia in El Cajon will be completely reopened. However, there will still be some restrictions on venues that hold “large-scale events”.

Once the state lifts COVID-19 restrictions on June 15, large events and gatherings will return soon. Kevin Hellman of the San Diego Event League says he can’t wait.

Herman said: “Everyone is starting to work again, and the events you see are popping up.” “A lot of activities are in progress, so July, August, and September are fun in San Diego.”

But the state said that “big events” will still be subject to some restrictions.

A large-scale event refers to an event with more than 5,000 people indoors and more than 10,000 people outdoors.

Large-scale indoor events will require verification of participants’ full vaccination status, or a negative COVID-19 test result.

Outdoor large-scale events will recommend the same event, or the participants will wear masks.

Herman said: “I may participate in similar activities and have been vaccinated. I think everyone should be vaccinated.” “No one wants to make anyone sick, but my problem is to check everyone.” What are the requirements.”

The state stated that attendees can show vaccination cards, photos of vaccination cards or documents from healthcare providers. It said that venues may also require participants to self-certify their vaccines before entering the country.

“Some people will say it’s not cool, and you know the past 15 months were not cool, now we just want to get back to normal life,” Hellman said.

Once the restrictions are lifted, there will be no capacity restrictions for enterprises or public places. Masks are no longer required for vaccinated persons or physical evacuation requirements.

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