The cost of new household materials is rising; the license of a plastic surgeon has been revoked: CBC’s market checklist

The cost of new household materials is rising; the license of a plastic surgeon has been revoked: CBC’s market checklist


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Build a new house?This is the reason for the rapid increase in material costs

From home builders to backyard renovators, many Canadians have felt the effects of doubling or doubling the price of wood and other materials during the pandemic.

In the past year, millions of homeless people have shifted their energy to new decks, fences and house renovations, leading to a surge in demand. The pandemic also shut down many North American sawmills, reducing supplies.

Art Woo, an economic forecaster at the Bank of Montreal, said that a forest products company hopes to profit from today’s timber trade, but may still not produce any actual timber from the plant in the next two to three years.

Woo said: “A timber company can’t just open 10 new sawmills.” read more

Roy Nandram, president of RND Construction, said that during the pandemic, the price of construction materials soared, and many builders increased their prices as a result. 1:45

The license of the plastic surgeon was suspended on social media, monitoring patients without permission

Toronto plastic surgeons and self-styled social media influencers have revoked their licenses.

In the decision issued on May 12, the Disciplinary Committee of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) was due to improper online posts and because of his use of surveillance cameras in his clinic in downtown Toronto.

In 2018, despite reporting secret stories about breast implants, market Producer found security camera In the closed clinic of the Jugenburg Clinic. read more

Dr. Martin Jugenburg received treatment in the consultation room of his clinic Toronto Institute of Aesthetic Surgery in 2018. (CBC)

TD Bank is accused of losing customers’ disposable income again

More and more TD Canada Trust customers accused the bank of losing tens of thousands of dollars in their contributions to the financial institution’s retirement savings plan.

Bhupendra Narsey, 64, and his wife Alina said they donated money to RSP in the 1990s, but their money has since disappeared.

TD denied any wrongdoing, saying that the couple must have obtained bank permission to transfer the relevant RSP to another financial institution more than 20 years ago.

But Bhupendra Narsey said that neither he nor his wife authorized TD to transfer its RSP, which is necessary to transfer the investment to other places. read more

Bhupendra Narsey deposited $2,793 into his TD Canada Trust RSP account in 1994. (Submitted by Bhupendra Narsey)

Is there anything else?

Canada’s annual inflation rate has grown at the fastest rate since 2011
StatsCan said that last month’s consumer price index increased by 3.4% year-on-year.

UPS shipping straps protect oxygen equipment from COVID-19
After listening to the voice of Go Public, UPS reached a solution with the customer and kept the details confidential.

Canadian bus company has plans to fill the gap left by Greyhound
Canadian bus companies from the East and the West said they are ready for rescue.

Since 2018, at least 111 Atlantic Canadians have died on ATVs and snowmobiles
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the public does not know how dangerous cycling is.

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