The 2021 Sixers playoffs introductory book, for casual fans in your life

The 2021 Sixers playoffs introductory book, for casual fans in your life



Those who have followed these No. 76 seeds do not need to introduce the No. 1 seed in the East. You have been glued to the TV, enjoying a great rebound season, and (hopefully) reading my program list after the game, arguing with your real situation and a large number of diehards locally and around the world.

But I know that this does not mean all the audience who will enter the playoffs. In this small town, being a “four-on-four” fan is a badge of honor, which does not necessarily mean that you are willing and able to give equal attention to all four main series products. Believe me, I know the NBA regular season is a slogan. If you can’t find that you watch this group’s shows every night, you may be more sane than all of us. Hell, maybe you just quit the TV entertainment industry because it was difficult to stare at another screen in our Zoom-dominated world in the past year. I get it!

So, for those who need more guidelines than our playoff series trailer that ends on Friday, this is an introductory book.

I heard that Joel Embiid is an MVP candidate. How has he changed?

Embiid’s important step forward is closely related to the employees and personal growth around him. The 76ers hired a new president of basketball operations (Daryl Morey) and a new head coach (Doc Rivers), and together they gave Embiid the best environment of his career. The formula is simple, but far-reaching: Take more shots on the floor with the big guy, and this setting produces great results.

However, in his best season ever, more and more unseen time. Embiid is in better condition, is committed to copying the actions of great players such as Dirk Nowitzki, and has learned to lead by example in practice and game settings. He has learned (and is trusted) to operate from the middle of the floor. This change makes his job more difficult. Even if he is not the one who ultimately gets help, he can read content from the post more quickly . .

Had it not been for a season’s injury that caused him to miss several weeks of games, Embiid might become MVP’s favorite. In fact, he is the best player on the best team in the Eastern Conference (at least by record), and he has risen to the true elite of the league. The rest is to prove it in the playoffs.

Who is the newcomer? What did they bring?

Doc Rivers is a name you may have heard of, and his coaching staff has undoubtedly left its mark on this team.Players Full of praise Regarding his ability to define roles and get buy-in from players, they have shown subtle changes and paid off. The 76ers mix their screens with pick-and-rolls, usually pushing Embiid up and spinning on the weak side instead of putting him back into the basket throughout the game. The result is a leap on D-the 76ers have the second best defense in the league, and if they pay more attention to detail during the transition, they may be ranked first.

Experienced role players are very suitable for top stars. Dwight Howard (Dwight Howard) is Embiid’s reliable backup, surprisingly cute football ball in the dressing room. The shots of Seth Curry and Danny Green opened up the field, and after George Hill joined before the deadline, it looked solid, if not compelling.

I heard that Rivers brought a change to Tobias Harris. Really?

Absolutely. The new head coach requires Harris to become a more decisive player when he arrives, and his decision-making speed has made the world different. Harris made nearly 40% of his three-pointers. He has achieved greater success at the basket, and his assists per game have reached the highest level of his career. Thanks to his offensive ability, he has more opportunities. Score.

The secret to Philadelphia’s offensive success is usually based on Harris ending the game. After Embiid’s poor performance in the first 24 minutes of the game in the second half, he took over. His ability to dial in a pinch may be the difference between an early exit or a true exit in the finals.

People still seem to be divided on Ben Simmons? Is that fair?

Yes, not at all. Since his rookie season, Simmons is actually the same player. He didn’t shoot three-pointers, didn’t shoot as aggressively as most people, and his ability to perform effective critical moment offenses is still doubtful. The front desk was very willing to trade him for James Harden. They were always looking for a high-level defender. They didn’t join the lineup until the deadline and finally stood out from Kyle Lowry’s lottery.

On the other hand, Simmons has turned himself into one of the best perimeter defenders in basketball, and he will compete with teammate Matisse Thybulle for the title. He created a three-pointer for his teammates with his outstanding performance, and he added a certain pace to their game, which is what they desperately need when there is no vacancy at any time.

For Simmons, this is an important playoff game. His combined game with Embiid is better than ever, and if they prove to be able to maintain this state in the playoff environment, then there is no doubt that the 76ers will continue to tinker with the duo in the coming years. However, if his drama inspires memories of the 2018 Boston series or the 2019 Toronto series, then he will become a popular figure in the rumor mill this summer.

What (or who) can prevent Philadelphia from winning the championship?

They are the first seeds, so many questions are based on past failures and how it raised its ugly head in the worst of times. Not limited to players-Rivers has a mixed history of playoffs, full of crashes and failures, and is the favorite of the series. He hopes to maintain a reputation that is consistent with Philadelphia.

Most of the Sixers’ unknowns revolve around how the Embiid/Simmons partners will play a role when they spend time and energy planning for them in the seven-game series. Does Embiid have enough space to operate the block? Can Simmons score enough to attract his attention as an off-court player? It is worth noting that almost all of their problems are offensive, which I think is comforting to some extent. If they can get enough stays, the rest is fine.

Philadelphia’s second team is the X factor they hope to win. Rivers relied on team games throughout the season, which caused him trouble with the Clippers and continued to torture Philadelphia fans. The combination of their lineup on the bench is the source of uncertainty-Shake Milton has always been the chief ball handler of the group, but the appearance of rookie Tyrese Maxey and the acquisition of George Hill may change our understanding of backup. Matisse Thybulle may be the greatest of all swings, and a manic defender may be crucial to their plan, or be buried on the bench because the team ignores defense beyond the three-point line.

Tell me their first-round opponent

The Wizards have one of the most dynamic backcourts in the NBA, high-scoring Bradley Beal (Bradley Beal) and triple-double machine Russell Westbrook (Russell Westbrook). Over the years, both players have shined in the game against Philadelphia, but the status of other members of the team prevented Washington from challenging the 76ers this season. The regular season series ended with a 3-0 Philadelphia sweep.

Embiid should feast on this group, most of their choices are either too slow (Alex Len) or too small (Daniel Gafford) to stop him from leaving. Washington also fell into a dense lineup of guards in the second half of this year, becoming the main venue for Tobias Harris’ major series. The Wizards are small and the defense is also weak. When the 76ers need to stop running and win, it is easy to become a victim of ruthless switching.

They are very powerful, but very fun. Philadelphia does not need all seven games to complete this task.

Should I start planning the parade?

I will not be Debbie Downer. The 76ers certainly have a real chance to compete for this year’s championship.But for logical reasons, they are behind on Vegas-at FanDuel, they are currently tied for fifth with +800 According to Pickswise -Even if they are already in the ideal position to escape from the East. If they can make it to the finals, Philadelphia is likely to win the second round of the Brooklyn-Milwaukee game, and, According to the lottery they got -And there are problems in the games of these two groups.

good news? Embiid is the night of everyone’s game this year, but especially the Nets, who have already calculated carefully and often downsize. They will not have such a luxury for the 76ers, who will use this opportunity to use the Embiid sledgehammer in the car.

My best advice is, even if your time is shorter than that of the die-hards, make sure you have a good time in this run. This kind of good opportunity for 76 teams doesn’t happen very often, of course you should taste it.

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