Stacey Solomon (Stacey Solomon) shows off Joe Swash (Joe Swash)’s final costume because he surprised his son Rex (Rex) by causing an X-level mistake after his birthday

STACEY Solomon showed off Joe Swash’s final costume before his son Rex’s birthday-this was after his previous X-Class turnover.

The 31-year-old “loose women” group members paid tribute to their little child, who is only two years old today.


Stacey showed off the complete outfit on InstagramImage source: Instagram

In the picture Joe It can be seen in the full outfit-based on the Disney movie “Moana”-with purple tights, straw skirts and spray-painted trash can lids that act as seashells.

He also posed with blue marine ornaments, staring blankly at his head.

Then in the next photo, Rex was sitting on his father’s face with a huge smile on his face.

Stacey The caption of the picture: “Happy Birthday Kimchi? baby, we hope you had the best day.

Rex sits on Joe's back


Rex sits on Joe’s backImage source: Instagram

“I love the little Maui of animals. You are already two years old… It is our greatest honor to watch you grow, learn and grow with your brothers into such a special person every day.

“Every day, your smile and joy will only make us move forward. As you grow up, mom will continue to work hard to improve clothing skills, I promise ?R

“For example, you bring so much happiness to our lives every day… Zachy, Leighton, Harry, Theo, Peanuts, Meowiii, Daddy and Mummy will love you until the moon and the stars come back. Forever. The years can begin to let go Slow down? How are you now?

“Thank you everyone for the beautiful information, stories and posts. They prepared for me all day. We love you so much. This is really a special place…??”

Rex seems to enjoy his Moana themed birthday


Rex seems to enjoy his Moana themed birthdayImage source: Instagram
He dances and listens to Moana songs


He dances and listens to Moana songs

In the video, a family sings and dances around Moana, and Rex wears Maui leaf skirts and tops with tattoos printed on them.

At the same time, the 13-year-old Zach (Zach) dressed as Moana to complete the setup.

Although it is not Friday, the disguise is not smooth sailing Stacey forced to review photos The look of her fiance in a catsuit.

When her 9-year-old eldest sons Zachary and Leighton laughed in the background, she filmed the crab that impressed Joe the best in his purple costume.

Stacey is forced to check clothing


Stacey is forced to check clothingImage source:

Stacy joked: “Trying to make Joe a shiny Tamatoa crab costume on Rex’s birthday does not look suitable for a toddler party.” Stacy joked.

“Oh, my God, hide it, why is it there?” As he tried to hide his masculinity, she might be heard yelling to Joe in the background.

“Just move it!” When Joe helplessly defended herself, Stacey shouted: “Where should I put it? This is my penis!”

Then, the writer Tap To Tidy showed fans a close-up shot showing Joe covering his close friend with a coconut while smiling for the camera.

He was forced to use coconuts to protect his humility


He was forced to use coconuts to protect his humilityImage source:

“Send help,” Stacey captioned the post. “I worked so hard, but I don’t know if it’s my costume or Joe, but I’m crying.”

She concluded: “Maybe his shiny shells and claws will help put them together.”

“I don’t have more energy to wear this bloody costume. I have been trying to sew with these arms in the right position for two hours, but my model is on duty.”

Stacey Solomon (Stacey Solomon) was forced to review Joe Swash’s tight clothing for his son Rex’s Moana-themed party

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