San Diego County reports 76 new COVID-19 cases, no deaths

San Diego (CNS)-San Diego County public health officials have reported 76 new COVID-19 cases and no new deaths because the county is addressing the main issue of what happens when vaccine supplies exceed demand.

One way the county is trying to solve this problem is to continue mobile vaccination. Since the county started using mobile sites (there are now 27 sites), more than 2,500 people have received at least one dose.

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher (Nathan Fletcher) said that people are still interested in getting the vaccine, but it is up to the health agency to decide how to carry the vaccine to make it easier to carry.

The county reported receiving 252,610 vaccines this week.A complete list of available sites can be found Here.

In addition, on Monday, San Diego County will begin its “Our health is worth a shot” challenge, allowing young people aged 12 to 24 to submit video and visual art projects to encourage people to get vaccinated. This challenge will accept entries before June 14.

For detailed information about prizes and qualifications, see Here.

Sunday’s data brought the total number of cases in the county to 279,689. As of Sunday, the death toll remained at 3,751.

Of the 6,686 tests reported to the County Health and Human Services Bureau on Sunday, 1% returned positive. The 14-day rolling average is 1.3%.

The San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services has received 3.94 million doses of coronavirus vaccine, of which nearly 3.52 million doses have been vaccinated.

More than 1.88 million residents of San Diego County have received a dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, accounting for 89.6% of the county’s way to achieve its goal of vaccinating 75% of residents 12 years and older (that is, 2,101,936 people).

Among people 12 years of age or older, approximately 1.44 million people (68.9% of the county’s target) have been completely vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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