Phil Mickelson won the PGA championship and became the oldest major champion in golf

Kiawa Island, South Carolina-Phil Mickelson (Phil Mickelson) has shown so much thrills and excitement in his pure theatrical creations over the past 30 years that no one knows what he will do next.

His latest move is a real shock: a major champion at the age of 50.

Mickelson won his sixth Grand Slam in the PGA Championship, the most surprising Sunday so far. He shot two birdies in that magical wedge game, and left a lot of competitors behind, so that he couldn’t catch him, and plunged him into the changeable wind of Kiawah Island.

He ended the game with a score of 73 to 1, established a five-shot lead on the last nine holes, and did not make any serious mistakes, which made him out of history.

Mickelson said: “This is an incredible feeling, because I believe it is possible, but everything is saying that it is impossible.” It has been more than two years since Mickelson won last time. And it hasn’t won a major in the past eight years. He hasn’t even participated in a professional competition in five years.

Julius Boros has a 53-year history and is the oldest major champion in golf. He was 48 when he won the PGA Championship in San Antonio in 1968.

After Mickelson safely hit a 9-iron from 15 feet away, sheer chaos occurred on the 18th hole, which almost guaranteed a most unlikely victory. Thousands of fans swallowed him on the fairway-a scene that usually only appears at the British Open-until Mickelson’s thumbs up appeared in view.

This may be the biggest pressure he faced on the back nine holes of the ocean route.

Mickelson said at the awards ceremony: “I don’t think I have ever experienced such an experience, so thank you.” “It’s a bit disturbing, but it’s exceptional.”

Just like he plays a game.

Shouting “Left! Left! Left!” Chasing him to the green and in the scoring tent, he will soon not forget the last work of the week.

Three months after 43-year-old Tom Brady won the seventh Super Bowl, Mickelson joined this eternal miracle. Mickelson became the first player in the history of the PGA Tour to win the championship 30 years apart. The first of his 45 championships was in 1991, when he was in his junior year at Arizona State University.

Mickelson became the tenth player to win a Grand Slam tournament in the past three decades. This is an elite list starting with Harry Vardon, the most recent being Tiger Woods. )obtain.

Jon Ram said: “As long as I’m alive, he has been on tour.” “For him, the willingness to keep up the game, play and practice is really admirable.”

Brooks Koepka and Louis Oosthuizen both had opportunities, but only briefly. While the game was still in progress, Koepka scored 4 points on par 5s and finished with a 74. Oosthuizen hit the water when trying to reach the final and shot 73.

“Phil played great,” Koepka said. “It looks cool, but I am a little disappointed myself.”

Mickelson is 6 shots behind 282

The victory came one week after Mickelson accepted a special exemption from the US Open, because he was ranked 115th in the world and had not won in the last two years, he was no longer eligible to participate in qualifying. In the past 9 months, he has not finished the top 20 of the past 17 games. He was worried that he would no longer be able to focus on 18 holes.

Then he defeated the strongest field of the year-99 of the top 100 players-and made the game easy.

Since the return of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PGA Tournament has the largest number of spectators and the loudest crowd-the PGA of the United States stated that it will limit the number of tickets to 10,000, and it seems to be twice the original number, and clearly shows that they want to watch s things.

The opening hours make the last day seem to belong to anyone. From the end of the opening round, the wind turned to the opposite direction. Although the score was low, Mickelson and Koepka were talented in trading.

Koepka used a wedge to fly out the green on the second hole of the par 5 hole. He could only cut about 6 feet to get rid of the impossible lie and cause a double bogey. This is a three-shot swing. This is Mickelson’s move from high to high. The rough grass behind the bushes hit the deft court green.

Mickelson missed the par-five and three-hole green hole, only let Koepka tied for the lead with a two-shot par six. This was the first time he let the birdies and lefties miss the green on the right. Six shots.

Kevin Streelman temporarily took the lead. Louis Oosthuizen was lurking, even though he birdied only seven holes.

Then, the potential of any drama is brought to the sea.

Oosthuizen scored within three points after catching the birdie. He had to lie down in thick grass on the 13th and then shot the third arrow of the flagstick into the water, making him a three-bogey.

Just like that, Mickelson rose five points and headed towards the inward hole. On the way home, his leeward leaned back, looking like the entire state of South Carolina was by his side.

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