Meeting the queen online is a “humble honor” for retired doctors in British Columbia

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For Dr. Steve Beerman, this is in many ways similar to a pleasant conversation with his 92-year-old mother.

Except not his mother. Is the queen.

Berman, a retired family doctor in Nanaimo, British Columbia, spoke with Queen Elizabeth online a few days ago because she actually gave Queen Elizabeth an award. In recognition of his long-term work in drowning prevention.

Elizabeth said to Bellman: “I am very happy to be able to take out this cup. This is a very big cup. One day you will come to London.” Meeting with the Royal Life Saving Society.

Billman, the co-chair of the Canadian Alliance for the Prevention of Drowning, quickly replied: “It is a great honor and honor to be with you.”

During the pandemic, coexisting with the queen in this way has become the way of the royal family. Many observers say that virtual meetings involving the queen provide new insights for the 95-year-old monarch, who is often seen from afar, giving formal speeches or walking around.

Beerman at the top right shows a medal as part of his contribution to preventing drowning. (Buckingham Palace)

“Many people who commented on me [said] They have never seen her have almost normal conversations with certain people,” Bierman said.

“My own mother is 92 years old. This is not much different from talking to my own mother.”

The trustee of the Royal Life Saving Society, Beerman, met with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, which was linked to the federal organization several times. But his recent meeting with her was memorable in a new way.

He said: “It’s so gossip.” “It’s more communicative than when I face reality face to face. Therefore, I think this is actually a better way.”

A 7-minute video was played online, involving Bierman and other meetings praised for drowning prevention work, but the entire virtual meeting lasted about 20 minutes and was after the participants had performed two exercises.

Bellman said: “In the second class, we were actually rehearsing what we were going to say. The royal family coached us in a very good way, the content was paused and slow enough for her to interject or ask questions.” . “We are very encouraged to participate in the dialogue instead of expressing acceptance speeches.”

Watch | Queen Elizabeth’s speech with the Royal Life Saving Society:

When the call began, Bierman was still a little nervous.

He said: “It is always upset that you will say something wrong or say something in a way you might regret or in a way others might find embarrassing.

As the conversation progressed, Elizabeth shared her memories that she received a life-saving reward in her teenage years.

In 1941, she became the first person in the Commonwealth to receive the Junior Breath Award from the Royal Life Saving Organization.

Elizabeth said: “I didn’t realize that I was the first.” This is an amazing achievement and I am very proud of wearing a badge on the front of my swimsuit. I think it’s very grand. “

Bellman met with Queen Elizabeth several times at Buckingham Palace in London. (Submitted by Steve Beerman)

Bellman transformed the Royal Family into a virtual world, which is a signal that Windsor House can keep pace with the times.

“I think this is a strong statement… We can adjust when needed, we are flexible, we can adjust, and like the rest of the world, we have to respond to the reality in which we live.”

The deception behind Diana’s interview

An investigation found that former BBC reporter Martin Bashir used “deception”, including making false bank statements, to ensure that he was interviewed by the famous Princess Diana in 1995. 2:16

Interviews are both distressing and daunting.

Now, 26 years after Diana, Princess of Wales, sat down with BBC reporters, she told the world: “There are three of us in this marriage, so it’s a bit crowded.” A survey found that Martin ·Bashir (Martin Bashir) deceive Get an interview.

This discovery will echo in the royal world and the press.

In response, Prince William and Prince Harry Made a statement This exposed the deep pain that the interview with their mother left them.

William said in the statement: “I think the deceptive way of this interview greatly affected what my mother said. This interview worsened the relationship between my parents and hurt countless other people’s important contributions.” Knowing that the failure of the BBC greatly aggravated her fear, paranoia and loneliness, it made me incredibly sad. I remember the last few years with her.”

But he said that William’s saddest thing was that “if the BBC could properly investigate the complaints and concerns first filed in 1995, my mother would know that she was deceived.”

In September 1995, two months before Diana was interviewed by BBC reporter Marin Bashir, Diana, Princess of Wales, attended Eton College in Eton, England. ) William stood with Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles on his first day. (Princess Diana Archives/Houghton Archives/Getty Images)

He said that Diana failed not only because of a rogue reporter, but also the leader of the BBC. They all seemed to be the opposite instead of asking difficult questions.

Prince Harry said that their mother “is an incredible woman who has dedicated her life to service. She is tough, brave and unquestionably honest.”

He said he was “deeply concerned” that similar news practices are still widespread.

“Our mother died because of this, and nothing has changed. By protecting our heritage, we have protected everyone and maintained her dignity throughout her life. Let us remember who she is and what she represents.”

Observers believe that all this will have a major impact on the way the BBC watches.

Marketing consultant Diana Young told CBC’s Tesa: “This shakes the true core of journalism because people will no longer rely on broadcasters and trust them completely, because we now know that they are willing to lie to force people to participate in interviews. .” Asila.

Diana and Prince Charles divorced in 1996. She died after a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Baby and inheritance line

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are looking forward to their first child in autumn. (Peter Byrne/Associated Press News Service)

There was news last week that Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi expect their first child to add another shuffle to the successor in the short term.

This child, scheduled to be the Queen’s 12th great-grandson sometime this fall, will be the fourth child to be born a few months later.

Beatrice’s sister Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank greeted their son August in February.

In the second month, Princess Anne’s daughter Zara and husband Mike Tindall greeted their son Lucas.

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are expecting a daughter, set for a date in early summer.

Prince Harry and Prince Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, take a photo with their newborn son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor at Windsor Castle on May 8, 2019. Inherited side by side in 8th place.

Among the newcomers, the baby will occupy the highest position among the successors, landing after her father Harry (ranked sixth) and Harry and Meghan’s first child Archie (now ranked seventh) , Landed in 8th place. .

The passage of time may mean that for those lower in the roster, the inheritance line will change significantly.

For example, Sarah Chatto, the daughter of Princess Margaret. When she was born in 1964, she ranked 7th. Now she is ranked 26th.

Royal quote

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles stood next to a tree planted in Windsor Castle in March and initiated the Queen’s Green Crown Project. This is a tree-planting project in the UK to commemorate her Platinum Jubilee and to commemorate her 70 years of history on the throne. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Reuters)

“Tree planting is a manifestation of hope and belief in the future.” — Prince Charles (Charles Prince), in a video posted online to commemorate Queen Green Crown, This is a tree planting plan to commemorate the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth next year, aiming to improve the environment of present and future generations.

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