Instant observation: The 76ers defeated the Wizards in the first game and scored 37 points from Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris scored 28 points in the first half of Sunday’s game, which allowed the 76ers to survive a foul troubled by Joel Embiid. The 76ers eventually won the 125-118 shootout with the Wizards.

This is what I see.


• Joel Embiid (Joel Embiid) got into foul trouble for most of the first half, leaving the 76ers without the lead in scoring in the first game of the playoffs. It is left to Tobias Harris (Tobias Harris) to make up for this slack-he has been Embiid’s second place throughout the season, and he overwhelmed Fortress with their best players in Philadelphia.

It is almost certain that Harris has played the best half of the offense in the 76ers, perhaps the best offense he has played since entering the NBA. He started the game by absolutely grilling Rui Hachimura, and the 76ers placed these sieves in a maze of screens, creating a sense of separation for Harris. Harris attacked the penalty area, probed on the bottom line, and played in his favorite central defender area. Basically, he couldn’t miss most of the halftime. This is a good thing he can’t do because offense is in his contribution. Most of the others are bad.

By the time everything was said, Harris ended the first half with 28 points, which was less than 46% of Philadelphia’s total points. To say that he carried them is an understatement-if it weren’t for his excellent start, the 76ers would be beaten and beaten. Instead, it was a one-point game at half-time, and Harris gave them an excellent opportunity to ride with the crowd and Joel Embiid in the last 24 minutes.

As Philadelphia’s second choice this year, it has always been his responsibility-to pick up the big man when the big man fades, and to succeed in the background role when the world revolves around Embiid. This is a difficult task, not a commendable task. One week after the live broadcast, he purchased the rest of the team, which was the time they needed.

Harris has been a second-half player in Philadelphia during the season. If they can get a half of Harris during the playoffs, they will be difficult. He ran out of gas in the fourth quarter against Washington (this is understandable), so I hope they can help him more in the second game.

• It’s no coincidence that Joel Embiid returned to the game and even started to take action even in foul trouble. This was not what the fans of the world starters wanted, but he was a stubborn monster against Washington, shredded the screen, slipped into a two- and three-player team, and created offense in the half court.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing in this game is Embiid’s instinct for the two teams. It is true that Washington is not as good at applying pressure as many other playoff teams, but Embiid showed maturity in his performance on Sunday, dribbling out two teams, and internally based on possession. Both the outside and the outside have made good passes.

Then, of course, he has the ability to do this work alone, which has basically never been questioned. Embiid conducted a regular parade on the free throw line for a limited time, proving the argument that no one on the Wizards can guard him on the island. Especially when Embiid took a one-foot shot from the bottom line and mid-range, and he took various measures against Daniel Gafford, Robin Lopez and other members of the Washington gang.

Embiid had a positive trade-off when he encountered early foul troubles-a lot of things left by the big man could gradually fade out his teammates, and he was the one who finally brought Philadelphia home when it was important.

• Ben Simmons has not suddenly become another player between the end of the regular season and now. In Joel Embiid’s troubled absence on Sunday, he did not become a major scorer. But when the 76ers needed him most against the Wizards, he was the best version of himself, and his performance in the middle of the third quarter completely subverted the motivation of the game.

By then, despite the rapid transition in Washington, the Wizards still managed to linger in a game, and this game can be said to be a benchmark. Simmons certainly didn’t stop Bradley Beal, who started looking for a foothold in the second half, but he made every property cruel and physical.

When the 76ers were able to pit in, Simmons had his best transition ball in the game against Washington that year, and only a small number of players would even consider trying to thread. He was the beneficiary of some bad decisions in Washington – Russell Westbrook definitely lost his mind in a gambling or two – but when they managed to get free, he didn’t feel like he had missed a cut or empty hand opportunity.

Once they appear in front instead of on the seesaw, the 76ers basketball game becomes more organized, and Simmons is the force that makes them reach this point.

• George Hill will be one of the unsung heroes of the game, although the spin is almost chaotic throughout the game, he somehow managed to add some value. The offense was under his control, and when the Wizards decided to leave the three-point line, he opened the ball to the three-pointer, and he provided a reliable defense for anyone caught by him.

This is amazing, but Hill was one of the best defensive transition players of the season in the fourth quarter. In order to get a layup from Smith, one of the league’s fastest players, he fell to the floor. Smith missed the game, Harris grabbed a defensive rebound, and Westbrook immediately fouled and prevented the game. These dramas make a difference.

When counting, Rivers finally chose Seth Curry (Seth Curry) (the latter was crucial to the offense in the second half) to support Hill’s strongest defense. Okay, if you want to ask me.

• Judging from the first game, the crossover games in this series will become crazy. Seth Curry finally covered up Davis Bertans in Sunday’s game, and if it remains the same in the end, it will be a fascinating game. Rivers obviously didn’t like it very much, because he would eventually switch to Curry at George Hill to end the game.

Bad guy

• One of the main problems of team building in Philadelphia is Have Become a senior shooter in order to stick to the rotation. This is what happens when you have a backup center and a point guard who can’t play the base of the team. Moreover, since it must be sold to shoot, the 76ers must play some players who have problems in other areas.

For example, Furkan Korkmaz is a man, and when he is on the court will bring many benefits. But when the 76ers needed him to break through a certain area from Washington in the first half, he seriously missed his large-scale attempt, and on the other hand did not make any is more This is a problem compared to Matisse Thybule’s inability to knock down shots, because at least, Thybulle has his own defense to retreat.

The 76ers kept playing bricks in the first half, and even if Harris was within an incredible offensive range, his shooting percentage was only 3/17. In this playoffs, we will have to pay close attention to this-almost entirely relying on role players to help you carry out math competitions from a deep level, and has always been a good idea. When they don’t have Embiid free throws to make up for it, it’s even more terrifying.

• The 76ers claim that they spend most of their time on transitional defense. I don’t know who they think is fooling this statement, but they are as bad as the whole season and out of touch on the run, providing the Wizards with free buckets in the fast break, and their reading and hard work are poor. Facts have proved that after developing bad habits throughout the season, it is difficult to get rid of these bad habits.

Worst of all, they don’t seem too close to figuring out what went wrong. After Tyrese Maxey retreated at the end of the first half, he immediately provided the audience with electric and single-stroke assistance at the end of Washington. But his teammates had nothing to celebrate-Maxi, Simmons and Harris seemed to be arguing in the basket about poor communication during the transition mission, which brought Davis Bertans into the bucket.

I still think that transitional defense will not destroy the strength of the championship contenders, but the 76ers are testing the theory on a wide range. When they are not set, they must defend better.

• If the 76ers managed to avoid foul trouble in the first half, the rotation might look very different, but it felt like there were too many people playing Philadelphia vs. Washington. Maybe this is even a false complaint-some of the people Rivers chose to play were not good enough, and there have been warning signs around them for some time.

Shake Milton is a perfect example of a person. He won the Rivers rotation. Despite running coldly, his role has never really changed. In the first half of the game against Washington, he performed very badly, like Ish Smith’s hesitation, hesitation, impersonation, and almost nothing on the offensive end, making the problem more complicated. For some time, his decision-making has always been a matter of both sides, but basically, he is still a member of Rivers’ automatic rotation. We will check to see if it is established.

• Bradley Beal unfortunately experienced the Simmons/Sibul line in the third quarter. In any case, he reached wherever he wanted to go and scored 17 points in that time alone to maintain his team’s position in the game. This is why the Wizards are a team you want to avoid in the opening round-he becomes as hot as anyone in the league, and even the best player will slow him down.

• Despite all that Ben Simmons did well in this game, he definitely made a mistake on the free throw line. The final result was not a big deal, but this Washington team was not very good and showed a terrible ending for the Russell Westbrook spectrum. They may not be lucky enough to survive the 0fer on the Simmons line on another night, and having to play under Stripe’s incompetence at a critical juncture is a complete disaster. He is the damn point guard!


• Hosting this game is really special. Joel Embiid and Seth Curry both fouled twice before the end of the first quarter, and they were not the only victims to be severely whistled. Ben Simmons made a foul call near the half-time, which seemed to be an expected call, only the contact that the official had been looking for never came, Russell Westbrook (Russell Westbrook) It seems that he fell down at his own will.

Embiid’s second foul, although it was a foul according to the law, was gentle to the whistle of the playoffs. It seemed that Doc Rivers challenged the phone, but the head coach chose to give the officials an early time during the TV pause and then continue the challenge later in the game.

It’s an admirable idea to persist in the challenge late in the game, but not to challenge Embiid’s third foul-this is his trick of just hanging his arms in the air while driving with wild Alex Len-marginal. Of malfeasance. You don’t have to choose those challenges, these challenges are effective use of your resources, and without Embiid to clean up the backend, it looks bad, Rivers should have triggered. The entire season has been a sore spot for the head coach.

Having said that, the officiating officer was terrible, calling himself nonsense, but neither team committed any obvious fouls. Dwight Howard hit Raul Neto with a jumper near the end of the first half. Not only did he stare at the game and missed the jumper, they also whistled to Neto because he had the guts. Complain about obvious missed calls.

• Still not sure what happened here, but it caused Seth Curry (Seth Curry) miserable enough to make everyone in the arena couldn’t believe this gem:

Fortunately, curry will return in the second half of the year.

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