Hungry British holidaymakers don’t have to “wait long” to get more countries on the green list

Grant Shapps said that British people sunbathing “do not have much waiting time” to wait for more countries to join the green list.

This Minister of Transport Say more resorts will be added to No quarantine destination.

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Vacationers can vacation in Europe this summerCredit: Solarpix
Grant Shapps said more countries will be added to the green list

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Grant Shapps said more countries will be added to the green listCredit: PA

Mr. Shapus said that as the vaccination rate on the European continent rises, there may be holidays in various parts of Europe soon.

He told Financial Times: “I don’t think people have a long time to wait for other countries to join the green list.”

The Minister of Transport added: “Some people think that if you live in France, the UK or anywhere, the effect of vaccination is the same.”

On May 17, the return journey of international travel, Traffic light system In place, but only 12 countries (including Portugal, Israel, and New Zealand) are on the green list.

Vacationers can now fly to these countries without worrying about quarantine restrictions when returning.

However, travel requires pre-flight Covid testing and PCR test On the second day of returning to the UK.

Amber countries require mandatory 10-day quarantine at home and Covid testing on the second and eighth days.

Red countries/regions will need to be quarantined in an isolation hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750 per person.

What followed was that Spain lifted restrictions on tourists, allowing British holidaymakers Return from monday There is no vaccination certificate or coronavirus test negative.

but Germany bans British people from entering the country Starting at midnight today, worrying about the variants of India.

With the government “eager to add more countries to as many countries as possible”, the green list has been upgraded

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