Heidi Firkus’s family is not sure whether they will find justice for her. Eleven years later, the sergeant’s investigation resulted in her husband being charged.

Heidi Firkus’s family is not sure whether they will find justice for her. Eleven years later, the sergeant’s investigation resulted in her husband being charged.



In Heidi Firkus (Sgt. Nichole Sipes) at her home in St. Paul was attracted to the unresolved case.

When he was killed in 2010, Sipes was a patrol officer in an area including Hamline-Midway. She thought: “This story is not justified.”

Firkus’ husband Nicholas told the police that the intruder broke into their house. He said he armed himself with a shotgun, and when he was struggling with the unknown man, the weapon was fired. Heidi was shot in the back and Nicholas Firkus was shot in the leg.

Sipes said that she was particularly moved by the tragedy of a 25-year-old woman who lost her life. Her family was “left behind and wondering what happened and why they suffered such losses.”

After Sipes became a homicide investigator in 2019, the sergeant who had been investigating the Firkus case was transferred to another mission, and Sipes asked if she could take over.

She investigated for 18 months and regularly conducted new homicide investigations until the law enforcement and prosecutors were unsure of Heidi Firkus’s family whether they would have such incidents: Nicolas Firkus Nicholas Firkus was arrested on Wednesday, After being accused of murder.

Heidi Firkus (provided by the Erickson family)

Although some people think this is a cold case, Sipes said that the road has never become cold because investigators have not stopped investigating the matter, and the case has never been closed.

She was quick to point out that she built on her previous work as a homicide investigator and worked hand in hand with the FBI and Ramsey County prosecutors.

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said Sipes brought “fresh eyes” to the investigation. He also said that the information from the FBI, especially the enhanced audio of the 911 call from the Firkus home, “helped us better understand what happened.”

Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Elizabeth Lamin (Craig Lassig/Pioneer Press Special)

Choi said at a press conference on Thursday that Ramsey County’s assistant lawyers Andy Johnson and Elizabeth Lamin had spent many years in the Firkus case and were suing Nicholas Firkus. “We have worked tirelessly on this case. , Never forget” Heidi Firkus.

They formed a cold case department with Rick Dusterhoft, director of the trial division of the county attorney general. Since 2015, Trek’s office is the fourth person in the Cui’s office to prosecute a homicide for the fourth time since 2015.

She’turned over some rocks’

Police Chief Todd Axtell said that every investigator “has devoted his mind to this case, time and time again, one step forward every day.”

When Heidi Firkus was killed on April 25, 2010, Sergeant Major Jim Gray was the original investigator, assisted by the sheriff. Jane Laurence and John Wright. Sergeant Jake Peterson took over the investigation in 2012, and Sipes accepted the case in November 2019.

“Some things are important to her,” the senior commander said. The head of the homicide department Bryant Gaden (Bryant Gaden). “She turned over a few rocks and some pebbles and decided to stay.”

Sipes first read each police report, carefully read all the evidence, and listed what she thought would be helpful for the re-examination. She went back to interview people again.

The FBI assisted Sao Paulo at the beginning of the investigation. On the advice of FBI agents, Sipes worked with federal agencies again at the beginning of last year, saying they provided resources she would otherwise not be able to obtain.


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