From today, as many as 100,000 Britons will fly to Spain, ignoring government warnings not to travel to amber countries/regions

As many as 100,000 Britons deprived of the sun will fly to Spain this week, ignoring the government’s warning not to travel to the amber country.

Before the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that he would allow the British to return No proof of vaccination Or a negative test for the coronavirus in Italy and Greece.

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Tourists arriving at Palma de Mallorca AirportCredit: EPA
Tourists enjoying the sun in Gran Canaria today


Tourists enjoying the sun in Gran Canaria todayCredit: Alami
Holidaymakers at Heathrow Airport


Holidaymakers at Heathrow AirportCredit: Rex

According to the traffic signal system of the Ministry of Transport, Spain is on the amber list.

The amber list covers the most popular holiday destinations such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

Returning to the UK from a country listed in Amber means that travelers need to self-quarantine for ten days.

They must also undergo PCR tests on the second and eighth days of self-isolation.

Despite the lifting of the travel ban, the ministers urged travelers to avoid the amber destinations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website said today: “We continue to advise all basic travel except Spain, including the Balearic Islands but not the Canary Islands.

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said: “With regard to the amber list countries, our recommendations have not changed.

“We are very clear that people should not go to the countries listed in Amber for holiday purposes.”

Minister of Health last week Matt Hancock Say People shouldn’t go to Amber Country Unless for necessary reasons.

Education Minister Gillian Keegan told Time Radio: “The countries on the Amber List are there for a reason-they are there to allow you to travel on business, and you can travel in special circumstances, such as funerals, or family Some special nursing problems.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel responded to their comments, urging the British not to go to the amber destination earlier today.

She said on the BBC1 Andrew Marr Show: “We have been in a pandemic, if I can say that, throughout the pandemic, we have always taken the right approach to protect the public’s public health.

Thousands of Britons are expected to fly to Spain this week
Thousands of Britons are expected to fly to Spain this week

“Now, in terms of travel, international travel, we have a traffic light system.

“There is a reason for this, all of these types of things are true for the countries where our concerns are on the red list.

“We have taken measures to protect the public. During the holidays, of course, the public will follow the government’s recommendations, such as green listing.

“However, this is always under review. The list may change, and it will change.”

However, flights to Spain are expected to soar to 80 per day, which means that despite government warnings, an estimated 16,000 passengers are still flying to the resort.

On Monday, there are regular flights from Heathrow Airport to Ibiza, Barcelona, ??Palma, Malaga and Madrid.

Easyjet flights from Gatwick Airport will also fly to Ibiza, Malaga, Mallorca and Lanzarote, while Vueling Airlines will fly to Barcelona and Valencia.

Ryanair flies from Stansted Airport to Alicante, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Barcelona, ??from Luton to Malaga, and from Edinburgh and Manchester to Mallorca.

There are halfway holiday flights from Newcastle, Cardiff and Manchester to Mallorca, as well as flights from Manchester to Lanzarote and Tenerife.

Tui will also fly to Menorca from Stansted, Gatwick, Birmingham and Cardiff, and fly to Ibiza from Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham.

Spain is excluded Green list with Will not be added until June at the earliest.

Despite the government’s warning, holidaymakers will fly to Spain
Despite the government’s warning, holidaymakers will fly to Spain
The only major tourist destination on the UK's green list is Portugal
The only major tourist destination on the UK’s green list is Portugal

right now, Portugal It is the only major tourist destination on the UK’s green list, which means holidaymakers can be isolated without returning home.

However, the Spanish Minister of Tourism Maria Reyes Maroto (Maria Reyes Maroto) stated that she believes that Britain’s favorite foreign resort will receive “Green lightThe state is very fast.

At the same time, Germany has Ban the British from entering the country from midnight Fear of Covid variants.

Lisa Minot, travel editor of The Sun, discussed Spain’s decision to allow British holidaymakers to return next week without having to test negative for the coronavirus

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