Before the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, parades held commemorative events across the United States

The families of George Floyd’s family and others who lost their loved ones in the police encounter took part in the activist and citizen march in Minneapolis on Sunday, a nationwide commemoration of Floyd. One of several events planned for the first anniversary of Floyd’s murder.

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation (Floyd was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a non-profit organization) will hold a series of events in Minneapolis this weekend and early next week to commemorate May 25 Freud. These activities include rallies and parades. It will be held in the city centre on Sunday, led by Floyd’s family and other families of police violence victims.

The non-profit organization was founded in September 2020 by Floyd’s brothers and sisters to combat racial inequality in black and brown communities in memory of their brothers.

Prior to the anniversary, other events in Minneapolis included a virtual “Day of Action,” which encouraged people to organize remotely, with two panel discussions with family members and other activists on Monday, followed by a community on Tuesday Festivals and candlelight vigils.

Terrence Floyd said at an event in Brooklyn on Sunday: “If you make my brother’s name ring, then you make someone else’s name ring.” (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Associated Press)

After the former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin died on his knees on Freud’s neck when Freud asked for help on the plane, the black man was the year after Freud’s death. Chauvin was a white man. He was subsequently convicted of murder and manslaughter in connection with Floyd’s death. After Floyd’s death, Floyd sparked global protests and called for changes in American policing.

On Sunday in New York, Freud’s brother Terrence attended a Brooklyn gathering commemorated by Rev. Re Sharp (Al Sharpton) and told supporters not to forget his brother or racism Victims of violence.

Terrence Floyd said: “If you keep my brother’s name ringing, then you will keep other people’s names ringing.” “Breonna Taylor, Sean Bell, Ahmaud Arbery, you can browse The whole list. There are many of them.”

Executive Director Jacari Harris said that the group has received the Minneapolis Foundation, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and sports shoes and Donations from apparel retailer Finish Line and others. Despite the huge grants provided by companies and other organizations, Harris said the average donation to the foundation is $47.

Harris said the organization also funded a Fayetteville initiative aimed at reducing homelessness, a scholarship program for law school students, and the Texas A&M University, which attended Freud. Internship program.

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