(NEXSTAR)-There is no such thing as a free lunch, but when the sandwich on the bill increases to $100, it may be time to take a closer look at the menu.

The Avengers campus at Disneyland is scheduled to open on June 4 and will showcase many new dining options, including dishes from the “Ant-Man” inspired Pym Test Kitchen.This fast food restaurant seems to be one of the main dining spots on the Avengers campus, except for a nearby cafe, which offers beer and cocktails, as well as some other food carts, and will specialize in “Violating fare” On an “unusual scale.”

One of those “super-size” foods? You guessed it, a sandwich for nearly $100.

The “quantum-sized Pym-ini sandwich” is made by spreading salami, ham, provolone cheese and sun-dried tomatoes on toasted pancakes and is priced at $99.99.But one Take a closer look at the menu It is revealed that the recommended service is “6-8 guests”, which means that the service may be much larger than expected.

The restaurant also offers single Pym-ini sandwiches for $14.49, suitable for those who don’t want to share.

The Disney Parks blog previously featured smaller Pym-Ini sandwiches in the recent Avengers Foodie’s Guide, where there seems to be a larger sandwich, but there is no focus in the background.

Some of the items in the Pym test kitchen on the Disney and Avengers campuses include chicken chicken sandwiches and Caesar salad with huge croutons. (Disney Park Blog)

For the restaurant named after the Marvel character Hank Pym, the oversized restaurant makes sense. The restaurant’s experiments with “Pym Particles” and resized substances are one of the core concepts of the “Ant-Man” series.However, there are still some Twitter users who are confused by the idea of ??a $100 sandwich, and some call it a sandwich “crazy” Even if it can feed multiple people.

Other themed main dishes and snacks at Pym Test Kitchen include the Caesar salad with “huge croutons” and the not-so-small chicken sandwiches with a huge fried chicken breast (probably that way).

Disney’s Avengers Campus It will open on June 4th at Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland. Guests wishing to visit the Disneyland Resort currently need to book tickets and theme parks on the same day.


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