Why did Jedediah Bila leave Fox News?

Why did Jedediah Bila leave Fox News?


FOX Network and TV presenter Jedediah Bila announced on May 21 that they agreed to part ways.

Bila, 42 years old, has been the host of the weekend edition of The New York Times for the past two years Fox and friends.


TV anchor Jedediah BilaCredit: Getty

Who is Jedediah Bila?

Before working in broadcast journalism, Bila was a New York City, To teach creative writing, Spanish and improvisation to middle school, high school and college students.

She also served as the academic dean at a private school in The Big Apple.

However, she is widely recognized as the co-host of the ABC daytime talk show landscape.

The TV anchor left Fox News in 2016 and joined “The View” as a permanent co-host during its 20th season.

Jedediah Bila served as co-anchor of ABC's


Jedediah Bila served as the co-host of ABC’s “The View” for two yearsCredit: Getty

She rejoined Fox News as a writer in 2018 and was appointed as the permanent co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend a year later.

Why did Jedediah Bila leave Fox News?

On May 21st, Fox Television and Bila announced that they had agreed to part ways in two years.

Fox News spokesperson in a people.

“The newly appointed Fox & Friends Weekend co-host will be appointed soon.”

Bila take it Twitter On May 21, thank her Fox colleagues, who wrote on Twitter: “I want to thank the reporters, hosts, writers and producers of Fox News. They have been very happy for the past two years.

Since 2019, Bila has been the anchor of Fox & Friends Weekend Edition


Since 2019, Bila has been the anchor of Fox & Friends Weekend EditionCredit: Getty

She added: “I am deeply grateful to the audience who supported me throughout my journey and hope you can join me on my next adventure. I am very excited about what is coming.”

Has Gedia been exposed to coronavirus?

April 2020, Bila tested positive for coronavirus She is a “little MIA” from Fox Networks.

At that time, Bila shared a picture of herself Instagram And wrote: “This is a crazy period, full of too much anxiety and fear.

“I have learned a lot in the past week and I have done a lot of thinking. Knowing that I am passing my love, peace and good energy from my family to your family.

Bila was exposed to the coronavirus in April 2020 and has since fully recovered


Bila was exposed to the coronavirus in April 2020 and has since fully recoveredCredit: Getty

The news anchor added: “In the next few weeks, I will share more. Thank you for your information. I love you and miss you. xo.”

At the time, the 42-year-old also assured fans that her husband was recovering and their child Hartley “luckily not got sick.”

Her heart-warming post includes a photo of her eating a slice of orange.

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