Watch: Olympic champion Simone Biles climbs to the top of the dome, and no woman has ever participated in the competition

(NEXSTAR)-Simone Biles is ready to make history again.

Bile is already the most beautifully decorated American gymnast, winning four Olympic gold medals and dozens of gold medals from world championships. When she tries to be the first woman to win Yurchenko’s double spears in the competition, she may jump into the record again.

On Friday, during the podium training of the ongoing American Classic in Indianapolis, the bile that dropped the elusive vault on the ground almost flawlessly was filmed. She also told reporters that after two horse vaulting during the training, she felt “I will be really happy tomorrow”, and she seems likely to try to move when she speaks on Saturday. NBC Sports report.

This is a challenging and possibly dangerous feat, but Biles has been mocking this idea for a long time. In February 2020, she tweeted Videos in training courses She seems to be practicing the vault.And in April of this year, bile confirmed National Broadcasting Corporation She will first bring the Yushchenko double shuttle before the Tokyo Olympics.

She told the media: “We will definitely make our debut before the Olympics, just because we need to quickly control my adrenaline.”

If anyone can achieve this goal, then fans seem to think it will be Biles.

“One of the greatest athletes of my life, right here,” write A fan on Twitter. “Probably one of the greatest lives ever.

“She should have admitted that her status in sports has changed early on: from idols to living legends,” she said. Commented.

Former Olympic champion Nastia Liukin also interjected, “You. Yes. Crazy…”

Bile is scheduled to compete at the American Classic in Indianapolis on Saturday night.Appearance mark She participated in the competition for the first time in 18 months.

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