The police identified the man on suspicion of raping and stalked the Philadelphia woman

The police identified the man on suspicion of raping and stalked the Philadelphia woman


Philadelphia police are looking for a man who believes in sexual assault and stalking women working in a nightclub in Philadelphia and trying to kidnap a woman in the King of Prussia Hotel.

Police identified the suspect as 28-year-old Kevin Bennett of Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday evening.

He was described as a black male in the mid-1920s and early 1930s, short and fat, about 5 feet 6, with long braids and multi-colored clothes, and driving a gray Dodge war horse.

The first incident occurred at 2:45 am on May 15 when a bartender left the Sin City Club located in the 6100 block of Passyunk Avenue.

A man followed her in a silver Dodge Charger to her home in Media City, Pennsylvania. The police said. The boyfriend of the bartender was at home, and the driver fled the scene.

In the next three days, the man will make another five strikes. According to the authorities, he followed some women home from get off work in various nightclubs in the city. In some cases, he threatened the victims with a gun and then sexually assaulted them.

The second report occurred around midnight on May 16. A woman left Delilah’s, a gentleman’s club on Spring Garden Street, and drove to her home in West Norriton Township. The police said that at some point, she realized that a gray Dodge Charger was following her, and she went around a few times trying to lose him.

Then, she entered Wawa to collect the vehicle tag, but was blocked because the tag was concealed. She then called 911 and filed a police report in West Norriton Township.

Philadelphia Police DepartmentPhiladelphia Police Department via NBC10/Photo provided

Kevin Bennett, 28, from Indianapolis, Indiana, was identified as a suspect by the police.

A few hours later, the police said that at 5 a.m., a woman was sitting in a car on the 3400 block of North 11th Street, and a man got out of the car parked in front of her and approached her. He pointed a silver pistol at her and forced her to get out of the car.

The police said that he then moved her to an alley and sexually assaulted her. He also drove an unlabeled gray Dodge Charger, and it matched Bennett’s description.

At 9:30 am on May 17, a woman left her job at Oasis Club on Essington Avenue and drove back to the 1500 block of Hamilton Street.After she entered the apartment’s parking lot, she noticed a gray Dodge Charger carrying a security door opening and following her vehicle

She drove to the third floor and the car stopped three cars away from her. The police said that the driver who matched the previous description got out of the car and started walking. The woman left the garage and called 911.

At midnight on May 18, a woman left the gentleman’s club at 2700 Front Street and drove back to the 900 block of North 8th Street. The police said she then noticed a man in the apartment building sliding across the wall towards the woman.

She screamed and ran to the neighbor’s apartment, and then the man fled the scene.

A few hours later, at 10:20 in the morning, two women were in their apartment on the 900th block of North 8th Street when a man pretended to be an electrical worker and entered their residence.

Police said he then drew a pistol, sexually assaulted him and robbed two women. Then he drove south on 8th Street, toward Baiyang Street. Both women are employees of a gentleman’s club of the Philadelphia cheerleader, and this man fits the above description.

The police also Confirmed to NBC10 The suspect was kidnapped in a hotel in the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, trying to abduct a woman. Police responded to a woman with a head injury at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 260 Mall Avenue.

The woman told the police that she was exercising in the fitness room. A man approached and the man pulled out a gun and asked her to leave with him. When the man shot her in the head, she refused and ran to the door.

She finally escaped and ran to the hall for help. The man disappeared after escaping from the hotel lobby door.

Bennett is wanted for rape and related charges. The police stated that those who have any information about him should call (215) 685-3264 to contact the Special Victims Group.

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