The Minister of Employment said the employment prospects of young people are facing “long-term scars” from the pandemic

The Minister of Employment said the employment prospects of young people are facing “long-term scars” from the pandemic



Employment Minister Kara Quartrov said that due to the pandemic, Canadians now graduating from high school or entering the job market may cause long-term damage to their job prospects.

Qualtrough told CBC News in an interview house What is broadcast today is that in the past crises that affected the job market, it was young Canadians who had just started working and life who suffered “long-term scars.”

Qualtrough told host Chris Hall: “So if we don’t deliberately or deliberately seize their opportunities, we may lose this generation.”

CBC News: House of Representatives10:45The COVID generation: an upcoming pandemic

Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough discussed the role of the federal government in supporting graduates entering the labor market during the pandemic. 10:45

The interview with Qualtrough is ” house Pay attention to how the pandemic has affected young Canadians.United Nations Warned If education and other youth issues are not addressed urgently, there will be a risk of “disaster for generations”.

Youth unemployment rate doubled

According to Statistics Canada, the youth unemployment rate in Canada in April was 16.1%, twice the national unemployment rate. This is down from the 20.1% rate for the full year of 2020, but it is still much higher than any other full year rate in the past decade.

Timothy Lang, Chief Executive Officer of Youth Employment Services, told house The proportion of young people who are actually unemployed may be higher because some young Canadians are not looking for work or are enjoying Canadian rehabilitation payments.

He said: “I suspect that this ratio is still close to 20%, which may have a real destructive effect on young people, and the scars will continue into the future.”

In April, due to a new wave of epidemics affecting industries that tend to hire young people: retail, food service, culture and entertainment, the number of unemployed persons aged 15-24 dropped by 101,000 in April.

Long-term consequences

the study Performance Those who entered the labor market during the recession may suffer adverse effects in the future. Research done after the 2008 financial crisis showed that young graduates have a higher unemployment rate, and when they find a job, they earn less.

Friyana Karai, a student at the University of Waterloo, is directly addressing the issue. She said that employers do not seem to be interested in hiring students, and she and her companions have also lost valuable experience.

She said: “Entering this job market is really difficult.” “This forced me to consider going to more schools because I am not qualified to enter the labor market.”

Qualtrough said that during the pandemic, the federal government has taken steps to address the problems faced by students, mainly debt, training and apprenticeship opportunities. The 2021 budget includes nearly $300 million in funding for a new job and training program designed to create 500,000 new opportunities, as well as other commitments for training personnel in small businesses, technology departments, and other labor shortage sectors.

Qualtrough said: “No matter what jobs we create, we must unreservedly reserve some of these opportunities for young people.” He pointed out that the plan will plant 5 billion trees, while another plan will help small businesses achieve digitalization.

Qualtrough said the epidemic has increased barriers for young people (especially disabled, ethnic or indigenous people) to enter the labor market.

She talked about her four children and their difficulties in managing education and work throughout the pandemic.

“As a mother, am I worried? Yes. But do I think we can solve this problem and ensure that this generation is not lost? Absolutely.”


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