The Chinese Mars probe heads to the surface of the “Red Planet” for the first time

The Chinese Mars probe heads to the surface of the “Red Planet” for the first time



On Saturday, a Chinese-controlled mobile rover drove down the ramp of the landing module and rushed to the surface of the red planet, making China the first country to fly to Mars, land and deploy land vehicles.

According to a post on the official Chinese social networking site of the rover, Zhurong, named after a mythical Chinese god of fire, sailed onto the surface of Mars at 10:40 am Beijing time.

China joined the United States this month, becoming the only country to deploy land vehicles on Mars. The former Soviet Union landed a spacecraft in 1971, but lost communication after a few seconds.

The 240-kilogram Takeei District, with six scientific instruments, including a high-resolution terrain camera, will study the planet’s surface soil and atmosphere.

In the case of being powered by fire energy, Zhu Rong will also use ground-penetrating radar during the 90-day surface exploration of Mars to look for signs of ancient life, including underground water and ice.

In July last year, China’s unmanned Astronomy 1 spacecraft launched from Hainan Island in southern China. After more than six months of transportation, Astronomy-1 reached the red planet in February and has been in orbit ever since.

On May 15, the landing module carrying the rover was separated from the Astronomy 1 and landed on a vast plain called the “Utopia Planet”.

The first images taken by the rover were released by the Chinese Space Administration on Wednesday.

3 probes reach Mars in February

Astronomy One is one of the three largest probes that will reach Mars in February.

The perseverance of the American rover landed on February 18 in a huge depression called Jezero Crater, more than 2,000 kilometers from the utopia Planitia.

Hope-the third spacecraft to arrive in February-not intended to land. It was launched by the United Arab Emirates and is orbiting over Mars, collecting data about its weather and atmosphere.

The Perseverance and Zhurong are one of three robotic rover vehicles operating on Mars. The third is NASA’s Curiosity, which landed in 2012.

NASA’s InSight is a fixed module that reached the surface of the planet in 2018 to study its interior.


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