The beloved Vista firefighter rests in peace after fighting cancer

Vista, California – The Vista Fire Department said goodbye to a beloved fallen firefighter on Saturday.

33-year-old Andy Valenta died on April 25 after fighting cancer for three months.

Pete Montgomery, head of Escondido’s department, said: “Once you find out that he is one of the best friends you have ever had, you will meet him. This is a very extreme Andy of one millionth.”

Montgomery has known Valenta for ten years. He said that when his son started his career in Valenta, he was Valenta’s mentor, and they later became close friends.

Montgomery referred to Valenta as a first-class man, who cared deeply about others and became an excellent firefighter. Valenta was named Firefighter of the Year in 2013.

He said: “Andy is one of those people he is always prepared for. He wants to be the best he can do.”

The death of Valenta not only brought great losses to the fire family, but also brought great losses to his family. He left his wife Caylie and their two young daughters behind him.

Although Valenta cannot take care of his family here, his dismissal family will continue to watch.

“Some people make yards for Kelly at home; someone does things for them,” he said. “They have been able to set up university funds for these girls, so they can help throughout their lives.”

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