Swansea vs Barnsley LIVE: live broadcast, scores, TV channels as sideways search opener

Good luck for the fourth time?

Barnsley has lost all three games with the Swans this season and will be defeated in South Wales.

Valerian Ismail, Tex’s boss, said: “We need to start the game on Saturday like in Oakwell’s second half. The kind of control, the kind of intensity, this is our first whistle. It’s needed if it sounds.”

“Swansea did not perform at their best, but they were focused and disciplined and did simple things correctly.

“I think we are fully prepared. We know what we need to do, and this is the playoffs-anything can happen.

“Yes, we lost three games against them. But if we win on Saturday, it will be important. This is our job and our focus.

Swansea was defeated in the semifinals of last season.

Swansea captain Steve Cooper (Steve Cooper) said: “You have to come close to the game as usual.”

“Drawing is not suitable for our style or identity. Our idea of ??entering the game is to try to control the game with and without the ball.

“There are many risks, but this is only part of the preparations.

“We know that there is a 1-0 lead and the draw benefits us, but I don’t think you can think about it too much. It just focuses on what the game plan is.”

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