Staff at HMP Kirkham Prison confiscated mobile phones that exceeded prisoners

Statistics show that a prison has seized more mobile phones than prisoners.

Staff HMP KokanA total of 634 delays occurred and 653 telephones were confiscated.

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Statistics show that HMP Kirkham staff seized more mobile phones than prisoners

Men’s Open prison In Lancashire The highest total between January 2019 and March 2020 All prisons in England and Wales.

But it is much smaller Relative to others It’s on the top of the prison desk and lacks perimeter security, so Contraband is easier.

In the five years from 2015 to 2020, it smuggled a total of 1,743 mobile phones.

A source said:

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A source said: “This is a shocking example that proves that it is very easy to put a mobile phone in jail”Credit: Alami

HMP Forest Bank Manchester GTR Salford, Has the most at 2,408.

The source said: “This is a complete joke.

“This is an incredible example that proves that it is very easy to put a cell phone in a prison.”

The former police station with cells and interview suites sold for £1.2 million

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