Sinead O’Connor was expelled from three schools for theft within 9 months and then sent to a reformatory

Sinead O’Connor was expelled from three schools for theft within 9 months and then sent to a reformatory



SINEAD O’Connor revealed that she was kicked out of three schools within 9 months because she had been stolen before being sent to a foster home.

In an excerpt from her new book, the singer described how she used to get rid of the hustle and bustle of nuns in Dublin, and was inspired by Freys’s performance in school to start a music career.


Sinead O’Connor will perform in 2019Credit: Getty-Contributor
Sinead was originally "trouble" In her youth


Sinead was “troublesome” in her youthCredit: Getty Images-Getty
Music legend Finbar Furey


Music legend Finbar FureyCredit: Times Newspaper Co., Ltd.

She said that her current friend Finbar Furey did not remember meeting her then, but he had a profound impact on her life.

O’Connor He talked publicly about “stole everything” at a young age and called himself “usually a painful butt”

In an excerpt from the memoir “Memoirs” of The Irish Times, she said: “In the past nine months, I have actually been turned away from three schools.

“And I still get stolen frequently. If something is not nailed, then I am stealing. I don’t even know why.”

She described the reasons for stealing clothes for her friends, because she is a sprinter, she just wears the clothes in the store and then runs.

O’Connor was also told to be sent to AnGrianán, which she described as a “grey place where a large number of nuns live.”

School vision

She got her own cubicle at school and met other girls who were sent there because they believed that their family “don’t want them.”

Throughout the boarding school, she managed to escape several times and likes to play guitar in Dublin.

She also participated in several talent shows in the hotel, saying that she would win the championship by singing Don’t cry for me in Argentina.

Sinead was inspired when Finbar Furey played in the small concert hall of the foster home. She was called “Lonesome Boatman” in a truck, which he wrote when he was twelve years old.

She said: “When the audience left, I waited behind and the band was full. Walked to Finbar and told him that he made me want to be a musician.

“I now (53 years old) become friends with him. He doesn’t remember meeting me. But I will always remember meeting him.”

She said that until today, as long as she can see his name on the locker room door, she will cry because she believes his music and songs are so beautiful.

O’Connor also described a girl in the school who was pregnant and doting on her newborn son.

She said it was a “shock” when the baby was taken away from her, and all the mother did was cry all day long.

Hinard also recalled rumors at the school that piles of tombs were covered with weeds and marked “Maglin Magdalene”. She didn’t know how they had the same name at the time.

O’Connor said: “I was told that in Ireland, if you are under 18 and unmarried, you cannot keep your children.”


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