New photos on social media seem to show the “missing” Princess Latifah

The image seems to show the “missing” in Dubai Princess Latifah already Post on social media accounts.

If legal, this photo will represent Princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum’s first public appearance since she was taken hostage by her father in the United Arab Emirates since the video message obtained by the BBC claimed and shared with CNN.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Maktoum These claims have been denied.

image, Uploaded to Instagram two days ago, Seems to have been filmed in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the image. The picture was posted on a person’s original public account, and that person had only one post, and then it became private.

The picture shows three women near the Mall of the Emirates. Behind it is an advertisement for the VOX Cinema, which reads the movie “Devil Slayer: Mugen Train” with the words “Coming May 13” on it.

David Hager, the international co-founder of the Free Latifah Movement and Detained International, said: “We confirm that there are some potentially major and positive developments in the movement. We do not intend to make further comments at this stage. We will make a further statement. Publish at the appropriate time.”

In April, UN human rights experts asked the UAE government to provide “meaningful information” about Princess Latifah’s situation.

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