Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) Latest News-The Duchess wanted to commit suicide while pregnant, but could not bear Harry losing another woman

HARRY ADMINTS used to want to drink and take drugs

Prince Harry has admitted to taking drugs and regularly “drinks alcohol a day and a week” to “cover” the pain of Diana’s death.

Harry said that he will try to “reduce” his feelings and give up drinking for a whole week, and then drink “a week’s money” as a coping mechanism while sitting down once.

Duke University admits: “I am willing to drink, I am willing to take drugs, I am willing to try to do things that make me feel less like me.”

“But I gradually realized, well, I don’t drink from Monday to Friday, but I might drink for a week on Friday or Saturday night.

“And I will find myself drinking, not because I like drinking, but because I want to cover up something.”

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