Kelley Flanagan, a bachelor’s degree holder, told Peter Weber to “get out of life” in the annoying split after “cheating” claims

The bachelor star Kelley Flanagan revealed how messy her breakup with Peter Weber was and told him to “get out of life”.

After months of hints, her relationship didn’t look complete, but the “cheating” proposition that made her lose the romance made her lose her way.


After the disagreement between Kelley and Peter caused a disagreement, they parted ways.Image Credit: Instagram/KelleyFlanagan

Talk about Chicks in the office The 29-year-old podcaster said that their differences in interests greatly differentiate them.

Kelly explained: “It’s not a bad thing, but he loves Pokémon cards, he likes to play video games, and he likes to hang out and party.”

“For a while, I tried to convince myself that that was what I liked, and I liked it,” Well, Kelly, let’s be honest with ourselves.

It was her then Decided to divorce, And Peter immediately shared news with the world on New Year’s Day.

The couple broke up publicly for the first time on New Year's Day


The couple broke up publicly for the first time on New Year’s DayImage source: Instagram

Kelly added in the announcement: “I ask him not to do this during the New Year.” She revealed that she asked for “a few days” to tell close friends and family.

She added that the two consulted with ABC executives and they suggested sharing the news before the premiere of “The Bachelor.”

The TV personality revealed: “The day before this is done, people will be excited about other things to solve it completely.”

Despite the mess, Kelly gave Peter a second chance around Valentine’s Day in February, and they got together again for a “good” romantic weekend.

Kelly said the relationship is over "Really bad"


Kelly said the relationship ended “really bad”Image Credit: Instagram/KelleyFlanagan

However, this was short-lived, and Kelly admitted that the end of the matter was “really bad” because of rumors that Peter had “hooked up” with other women.

She explained: “The ending was really bad. I essentially rejected him.” “I finally left New York and went to one of my girlfriend’s houses.

“He texted me, I didn’t respond, and then found some news that I was not happy at all. We still have each other in “Finding My Friends”.

“A lot of things you hear, the world is small, I was stopped by the girls in Nashville, they were like,’My friend colluded with Peter last week.”

She insisted that she still heard of Peter "Hook up" Other women


She insisted that she still heard of Peter “partnering” with other womenImage source: Instagram

She concluded that she told Peter to “get out of life” and no longer reply when he texted, instead she chose to “not respond”.

Although Kelley’s bloodstains were not good, Peter had previously worked with Yes!news And hope that his predecessor is only the best after their split.

Peter said: “I just want to make her happy, more important than anything else-we don’t contact anymore.” “I have been cheering for her and hope she finds happiness.”

In February, the couple were found together, when news broke that the couple “are working hard to develop their relationship” because the pilot “regrets their breakup.”

The two were last spotted in February


The two were last spotted in FebruaryImage source: INSTAGRAM

Kelly and Peter were spotted during the Super Bowl celebration and stayed together overnight, despite Their December breakup.

It is said that Peter’s mother played an important role in the final separation of the couple and Kelly’s enrollment process.

Bachelors will remember that Barber was very outspoken to the women Peter had dated.

A source told E!: “Kelly does think Barb is very controlling and domineering But she tried not to let it affect their relationship.

“Barb put a lot of pressure on them, it is absolutely difficult.”

But insiders clarified that Babu’s sales were not a “huge factor” shared by the two: “She and Kelly get along well and get along well with each other.”

After breaking up Peter eventually moved to New York City Rely on yourself and Kelley revealed that she would “consider” becoming the next bachelor.

Kelly Flanagan “wants to be” bachelor after Peter Weber split

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