Jana Kramer shared secret information with “sex addict” Mike Caussin on her wedding anniversary a few weeks after her divorce was announced.

A few weeks after the divorce was announced, JANA Kramer shared a secret message with “sex addict” Mike Caussin on his wedding anniversary.

Yana, The 37-year-old posted a sexy snapshot on Instagram while claiming that she was allegedly “free” microphone, 34.


Jana showed off her back in an Instagram postImage Credit: Instagram / Jana Kramer
Mike started receiving sex addiction treatment as early as 2016


Mike started receiving sex addiction treatment as early as 2016Credit: Getty

In the short film, the actress from A Tree Hill shows off her back while showing off her white bikini.

Facing the water, the TV star stood on the boat, raising his arms high.

In the caption of the photo, Jana wrote: “I think that if you don’t celebrate 6 years today, you will feel heavy and sad…Although broken people have sadness, they have more joy, happiness, freedom and self-love than me. Over.

“The weightlifting has been reduced, and I welcome the unknown, because the next thing is so beautiful.

Jana feels


Jana feels “sad” to be able to celebrate her sixth wedding anniversaryImage Credit: Instagram / Jana Kramer

Jana asks others to find their own strength and release themselves.

On May 20th, the country music singer recently won the championship Primary guardianship Their two children are divorced, their five children, Jolie (Jolie) and their two children, Jace (Jace), but must pay her ex-wife about $3,000 in child support every month.

A court document obtained by The Sun stated: “The mother should always be responsible for the custody, care and upbringing of the minor children of both parties, except in cases where the father is responsible.”

From Friday to Sunday, Mike can take his two children home every week.

Jana showed off her new breasts on social media in early May


Jana showed off her new breasts on social media in early MayImage Credit: Instagram / Jana Kramer

Jana’s ex-husband was also allowed to take the children home on the night of the next week from March 3 to April 4.

As for the holidays, Jana Recent boob work, Will be allowed to keep two children on every Mother’s Day or even Thanksgiving.

The first couple must divide the summer vacation and Christmas vacation equally, and take turns every year at the same time.

Jana won primary custody of her two children


Jana won the main custody of her two childrenImage Credit: Instagram / Jana Kramer

In late April, Jana announced on Instagram, She is breaking up with Mike34 years old, married for six years.

Jana is verbose Emotional post“It’s time. When I tried to figure out a reality that I never thought would be possible again, these words have now become reality.

“I fight for everyone. I love it hard. I forgive. I put my work in it.

Jana and Mike take a photo with their two children: Jlie and Jace


Jana and Mike take a photo with their two children: Jlie and JaceImage credit: kramergirl/Instagram

I have given everything, and now I have nothing. “

Jana continued: “Please note that I still believe in marriage, love and reconstruction wholeheartedly.

“I can’t fight anymore. It’s time to heal.

“Thank you for all your love, heart, and support. You have stood shoulder to shoulder with me in many ways, for which I am deeply grateful.

Jana beats Mike's Jlie and Jace in court


Jana beats Mike’s Jlie and Jace in courtImage credit: kramergirl/Instagram

“I will always encourage you to keep fighting, but you can’t fight alone.”

Back in April, Jana filed for divorce Football players due to “improper marriage behavior”, Irreconcilable differences and adultery. “

Over the years, Mike has deceived his wife many times and began to receive sex addiction treatment in 2016.

After applying for divorce from “cheating addict” Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer flaunted her recent work at Boob

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