Italian rock singer Maneskin wins 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Moving sequins, disco beats and ballads. The four-member Italian rock band won the Eurovision Song Contest in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Maneskin’s victory is only Italy’s third victory in this popular competition, and the first since Toto Cutugno received the honor in 1990 victory.

After the national jury voted, Italy, the betting company’s favorite, lags behind Switzerland, France and Malta, but is driven by the audience’s vote to win.

3,500 fans watched the live broadcast of the finalists, and they all tested negative for the coronavirus.

Maneskin is the moonlight of the Danes, paying tribute to the hometown of bassist Victoria. The band won the championship with 529 points from second-ranked France. Switzerland, led by the national jury, ranked third.

British singer James Newman’s song ash No love was ignited at all, and no points were scored, and the victory was finally won, just like what the UK did on the last Eurovision network two years ago.

American rapper Flo Rida failed to turn his star power into a ticket to San Marino sung by Senhit. They only scored 50 points.

For those kitsch lovers, the German singer Jendrik played a sparkling ukulele and danced with a woman in a huge giant costume, optimistically showing victory gestures. He is almost over.

The Lithuanian band The Roop danced in bright yellow costumes to pay tribute to the synth pop of the 1980s.

Pravy’s Song Voila It is a restrained ballad, but there are still many top glasses that have become the trademark of Eurovision.

Norwegian singer Andreas Haukeland sang his stage name TIX, which is an admiration for people who grew up with Tourette syndrome. Fallen angel A pair of huge white wings were tied to the four surging demons at the same time.

Instead, the Finnish hard channel for the blind played their songs Dark side In a series of fireworks, the Go_A show in Ukraine was surrounded by skeletal white trees.

Before the performance, the crowd gathered outside the arena in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The man in the golden suit waited for the dressed queen to mix with her family and waited to enter the venue.

The audience participated in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam on Saturday. (Peter De Zong/Associated Press)

Icelandic pop band Dadi og Gagnamagnid, known for its kitsch dance moves and green casual clothing, failed to perform a live performance because a member tested positive for the virus earlier this week. Instead, the audience saw a recording of one of the band’s rehearsals.

Lead singer Dadi Freyr said in Rotterdam’s isolation: “The point is to experience the way of competing on Eurovision, which actually didn’t happen.”

Although the entertainment world has changed during the pandemic, the final formula that Eurovision is familiar to its fans around the world has not changed. The event was held as usual by the final winner, the Netherlands, but it won in 2019.

Milo Mateo and Carlo Sossa wore matching sequin-covered hats and draped the Italian flag. They came from Italy to participate in the show and hope to win Maneskin because of this. Will bring next year’s game to Italy.

“If we win, it will be a very, very good thing, because next year it will be held in Italy. That is very good. Let us hope. Fingers crossed.” Mateo said while waiting to enter the arena.

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