“Golden Convenience”, “Silver Lining Screenplay” will be released on Netflix in June this year

“Golden Convenience”, “Silver Lining Screenplay” will be released on Netflix in June this year



Netflix released its latest series of shows and movies next month.

The comedy series “Kim’s Convenience” will air on Netflix for the fifth and final season on June 2.

show Follow a family that runs a convenience store in Toronto, Canada and has won the Canadian Comedy Award and multiple ACTRA awards.

The highly anticipated Kevin Hart movie, “Patriarchy” Two days before Father’s Day, that is, June 18th, it will land on Netflix.

The film tells the story of Owerf, played by Hart, who was dealing with “suspicion, fear, heartache and dirty diapers” when raising his daughter alone.

A new Netflix movie, “The Queen Dances” About a dancer who is struggling to clean up a drag club in Sweden. After showing her actions, she attracted the attention of an ambitious choreographer.

The film will be broadcast on June 3 and will be played by Molly Nutley, Fredrik Quiñones and Marie Göranzon.

The reality survival series “Lonely” will be aired on Netflix for its 7th season on June 2. Participants must survive 100 days under extreme global conditions to win $1 million. Season 7 pushed these stubborn survivors to the North Pole.

Popular collections such as “The Big Lebowski” and “Million Dollar Baby” will join the streaming service next month.

The following is a complete list of Netflix’s upcoming launches in June this year:

Date to be determined:

Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens-Netflix Movie

Jiwa! -Netflix original series

Ray-Netflix Original Series

Ragnarok Record-Netflix Anime

So it’s not worth-Netflix original series

June 1


American Outlaw

Bad teacher

Black hole: the edge of everything we know

CoComelon: The sunny day of the game

Cradle of the grave 2


Idiot rushed in

Happy Ending: Season 1

Happy Ending: Season 2

Happy Ending: Season 3

I am sam

Love Jones

Million dollar baby

Ninja Assassin

The Seven Souls in the Skeleton Castle: Ji Moon Ranggen

The Seven Souls in Skeleton Castle: Season Moon Kagan

support me

Starry sky kitchenware

Street of fire

Super Monster: The Rhyme of the Past-Netflix Family


The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Season 1

Best man

Lebowski the Great

Wedding guests


What women want

June 2

2 hearts

Alone: ??Season 7

Carnival — Netflix Movie

The Convenience of Gold: Season 5

June 3

Alan Saldaña: ??Locked-Netflix Comedy Special

Creator Profile: GOLD-Netflix original series

The Queen Dancing — Netflix Movie

The Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Movie: Part 1 and Part 2 — Netflix Movie

Summer: Season 2-Netflix Original Series

June 4

Pushing Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet-Netflix Documentary

Feeling Good: Season 2-Netflix Original Series

Sweet tooth-Netflix original series

“Trip” with the Kanda Sami people — Netflix movies

Xtreme — Netflix movie

June 5

Katie’s Love: Tribute to Cats — Netflix Documentary

June 7

Vampire Academy

June 9

Wake up — Netflix movie

Fresh, fried and crispy — Netflix original series

The Best in Los Angeles: Season 2

The miserable jungle-Netflix movie

June 10

Haunted House 2

Camellia Sisters

Locombianos-Netflix original series

June 11

Love (feet, marriage and divorce): Season 2-Netflix original series

Lupin: Part 2-Netflix Original Series

Skater Girl — Netflix Movie

Trese — Netflix Anime

Wishing Dragon — Netflix Family

June 13

Under the devil

Imagine a scientist

June 14

Elite Short Story-Netflix Original Series

June 15

Free trade agreement


Criminal life

Power Rangers Dinosaur Fury: Season 1

Rhyme Times Town: Season 2-Netflix Family

Mr! No sir!

Relax-Netflix interactive experience

Workin’Moms: Season 5-Netflix Original Series

June 16

Low-floor rider

Penguin Town — Netflix Documentary

Silver Skateboard-Netflix Movie

June 17

Black Summer: Season 2-Netflix Original Series

Gift: Season 3-Netflix Original Series

Hospital Playlist: Season 2-Netflix Original Series

Katla-Netflix original series

silver linings Playbook

June 18

A family-Netflix movies

Elite: Season 4-Netflix Original Series

Father — Netflix Movie

Share Thandhiram-Netflix movies

Rational life-Netflix original series

The most amazing vacation house in the world-Netflix original series

June 19

Nonetheless-Netflix Original Series

June 22

This is popular music-Netflix documentary

June 23

Good on paper — Netflix movies

House of Flowers: Movies — Netflix Movies

Murder on the Coast — Netflix Documentary

Too difficult to deal with: Season 2-Netflix original series

June 24

Godzilla Singularity — Netflix Anime

Naked Director: Season 2-Netflix Original Series

Seventh day

Sisters on the right track – Netflix documentary

June 25

List A: Season 2-Netflix Original Series

Ice Road — Netflix Movie

Sex/Life-Netflix Original Series

June 26

Wonder Man-Netflix Documentary

June 28

Kill them gently

Seven Deadly Sins: The Dragon’s Trial — Netflix Anime

June 29

StarBeam: Season 4-Netflix Family

June 30

United States: Movies-Netflix Movies

Lying and stealing

Sophie: The Murder of West Cork-Netflix Documentary

This is the thing to leave in June:

June 1

Alone: ??Season 6

Mother Goose Club: Seasons 1-2

June 4

Hannibal: Seasons 1-3

June 6

Search for Bobby Fischer

June 9

Portland: Seasons 1-8

June 17

Bob Lazar: Area 51 and UFO

June 21


June 26

The Secret Life of Pets 2

June 27

Women in the 20th century

Urban Legend (1993): Season 1

June 28

Bratz: Movie

June 30

Within 30 minutes

A bridge is too far


back to the Future

Back to the future part 2

Back to the future part three

Bonnie and Clyde

Cloudy, there is a chance for meatballs

Crazy, stupid, love

Enter the dragon

Violinist on the roof

Love from paris

Gothic card



Jason x



Little Bus Tayo: Seasons 2-3

Accountant at Auschwitz

Girl with dragon tattoo

Land before time

Land Before Time II: Great Valley Adventure

This roommate

Twilight Zone (Original Series): Seasons 1-5

Training day

Twin Peaks: Seasons 1-2

Two weeks notice


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