El Cajon police arrested 2 adults for buying alcohol for minors

El Cajon (CNS)-El Cajon police arrested two adults on Saturday for serving alcoholic beverages to minors.

According to police sergeant El Cajon, these arrests were made in the annual statewide “shoulder tap” operation. Nick Sprecco.

During the operation, a minor stood outside a tavern or convenience store under the direct supervision of the police and asked customers of the store to buy alcohol, indicating that he or she was underage and was unable to buy alcohol on his own. Spreco said that if an adult agrees to buy alcohol for a minor, officials will arrest and quote the adult.

The police said the latest operation was carried out in two separate liquor stores.

Spreco said that the fines for providing alcohol to minors are at least $1,000 and provide 24-hour community service.

The shoulder tap program aims to reduce the chance of underage drinking. He said that statistics show that the rate of drunk driving accidents among minors is higher than that of adults.

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