Coronavirus: What happened on Saturday in Canada and around the world


Canada’s chief public health officer said that Canadians are making “steady progress” in reducing the number of COVID-19, but they must remain vigilant during this long weekend to prevent a resurgence.

In a statement on Saturday, Dr. Theresa Tan said that compared with the peak of the third pandemic in mid-April, there are now more than 30% fewer active cases in Canada.

“However, since the activity of COVID-19 in many countries/regions is still high, strong public health measures must be maintained where COVID-19 is endemic, and individual preventive measures must be taken in each place to reduce the infection rate. To a controllable level, while increasing our vaccination rate as high as possible.” She said.

“In addition, in the past long weekends and holidays, with the rise of social gatherings, maintaining precautions during this long weekend is critical to maintaining our progress.”

The opposite person Ontario As the province has relaxed some COVID-19 restrictions, it is preparing to spend more time outdoors this holiday weekend.Golf course and other outdoor Recreational facilitiesCan be reopened, including tennis courts and basketball courts.

Watch | Ontario announces a cautious, phased reopening plan:

Ontario has announced its cautious, phased reopening plan, which will focus on outdoor activities as soon as possible, but there is no definitive answer as to whether students will return to the classroom this school year. 3:17

Manitoba We are working hard to keep up with the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 infections and working hard to improve its ability to treat patients. More operations have been cancelled and personnel from other departments have been mobilized.

The province requires the federal government to provide Additional health care workers. Prime Minister Brian Pallister asked 50 intensive care nurses and 20 respiratory therapists as well as up to 50 contact tracers.

Manitoba had to send five patients to northern Ontario for treatment, and may have to send more patients.

Watch | The Federal Government pledges that Manitoba will provide assistance for the third wave of COVID-19 assistance:

After directly appealing to the prime minister, the federal government pledged to provide prompt assistance to Manitoba’s COVID-19 crisis. However, Prime Minister Brian Pallister has faced criticism for waiting too long because of the growth of cases. 1:58

From the beginning of next week, Yukon Territory Due to the high vaccination rate in the region, the region will begin to lift some of its COVID-19 restrictions, and about 76% of eligible residents received the first dose of vaccine.

As long as there is a physical distance, up to 200 people can gather indoors and outdoors.

Starting on May 25th, people who are fully vaccinated will not need to be quarantined for two weeks when they travel to Yukon. Rules for bars, restaurants and places of worship will also be relaxed.

What is happening in Canada around the world

As of 12:15 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, Canada has reported 1,354,423 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 56,908 are considered active. CBC News’s death toll counts at 25,188.

Watch | Research shows that those who have been vaccinated with COVID-19 may only need one dose of the vaccine:

Some researchers say that those who are infected with COVID-19 may only need one shot of the vaccine, but they still cannot say with certainty how strong their natural immunity is. 3:42

Ontario Reported 1,794 new cases Twenty people died on Saturday.According to the COVID-19 report, the number of hospitalizations continued to decline, with 1,207 patients in the province, including 706 patients in the ICU Provincial data.

Prime Minister Doug Ford Tweet The province reached a new milestone on Friday, providing 190,000 doses of vaccine a day.

Quebec 505 new cases were reported on Saturday, the lowest increase in a single day since September 23, and there were 7 new deaths.

New Brunswick Two new COVID-19 cases were reported on Saturday.The update is the day after the province’s chief health officer, Dr. Jennifer Russell, announced that there is a second person in the province Died of a rare blood clot Related to the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine.

Nova Scotia Friday report 84 new COVID-19 cases And two related deaths, and Newfoundland and Labrador Reported 10 new COVID-19 cases with Prince Edward Island A new case was reported.

in the north, Nunavut A new case of COVID-19 was reported on Saturday.There are 39 active cases in the territory-Iqaluit has 38 cases and Prime Minister Joe Savikataaq has 1 case in Kinngait Tweet. Yukon Territory with North-west region The latest data for the day is not yet available.

Manitoba Reported 594 new COVID-19 cases Three people died on Friday.Just one day ago, the provincial chief public health officer, Dr. Brent Roussin, announced that Manitoba people would be banned Get together outdoors with people from outside the family And each household can only allow one person to open a business at a given time.

Saskatchewan 173 new COVID-19 cases and 2 related deaths were reported on Friday.

Alberta write it down 732 new COVID-19 cases And two related deaths on Friday, and British Columbia Reported 420 new cases And six related deaths.

What happened around the world

The tracking dashboard of the US-based Johns Hopkins University shows that as of Saturday afternoon, 166.2 million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide. The reported global death toll exceeds 3.4 million.

The Swiss government has invested USD 8 million in equipment and medical supplies to fight COVID-19 to help Nepal, It is facing a medical system failure and severe shortage of patient beds, medicines and oxygen.

The aid was handed over to Nepal’s Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi at the airport in Kathmandu on Saturday. The Swiss Embassy in Nepal said the shipment contained 40 ventilators, oxygen concentrators, 1.1 million coronavirus test kits, masks, gloves and protective clothing.

Since the sharp deterioration of the COVID-19 situation this month, Nepal has been calling for the help of the international community. Since last month, most areas of the country have been blocked to contain emergencies.

Nepal has recorded nearly 500,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 6,024 deaths.

in Sri LankaTo curb the ever-increasing number of COVID-19 infections and deaths, officials of the country imposed a new travel ban across the country, suspending passenger trains and buses for four days.

Under restrictions imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a soldier directed a motorist to a checkpoint on Saturday. (Eranga Jayawardena/Associated Press)

The ban will take effect from Friday night to Tuesday morning. However, it does not apply to those engaged in basic services, such as the health, food and power sectors, and those seeking medical treatment.

The move came as the island’s main medical association asked the government to lock down the country for two weeks. The association said that the actual number of coronavirus infections is more than three times the number detected.

Sri Lanka has banned public gatherings, parties and weddings, and closed schools and universities.

Watch | Vaccine manufacturers pledge to provide billions of COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries:

At the G20 Global Health Summit, the three major vaccine companies pledged billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to low- and middle-income countries. 2:11

inside United States, Oregon officials are betting that they hope to win a one million dollar lottery, which will increase the proportion of Oregonians receiving COVID-19 vaccination.

Only half of people in Oregon have been vaccinated in whole or in part, and Oregon lottery officials approved a plan on Friday to hold the lottery ticket. Those who have been vaccinated before June 27 will be eligible.

Governor Kate Brown said: “Getting a vaccine has never been easier, so don’t miss your vaccine.”

She told reporters that this is to increase the proportion of adults in Oregon vaccinated to 70% in order to completely reopen the state.

If the Oregonian has received at least the first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, they will be automatically entered to win through the state’s vaccine database.

Other states are also experimenting with this strategy, including New York, Maryland and Ohio.

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