Brush burns near I-15 highway in Deer Springs area

Brush burns near I-15 highway in Deer Springs area



San Marcos, California-Firefighters fought a 7-acre bushfire that closed the highway lanes in North County on Saturday afternoon.

Around noon, a fire broke out in San Marcos, and brushes burned near Interstate 15 in the community of Deer Springs. San Marcos Fire Department says. The strong wind threatened the flames that spread further, but the fierce battle between the aircraft and the ground sent the fire to the bay.

The firefighters controlled the speed of the fire to 7 acres before 2:05 in the afternoon. According to Cal Fire. There is no immediate threat to buildings in the area.

After about 6 hours, the fire was controlled at 75%. Cal Fire announced in a tweet. The agency said that staff will stay at the scene until late at night and urge the public to drive cautiously in the area.

Authorities closed the southern side of the I-15 Interstate Highway at Gopher Canyon Road when extinguishing the fire. After briefly reopening two lanes to allow traffic to flow through the area, Caltrans Close all southbound lanes again And began to divert traffic on the highway.

By 3:05 in the afternoon, the two lanes on the highway had been reopened. According to Cal Fire.

SMFD said staff from the California Fire Department (Cal Fire) in San Diego are working with local authorities to put out the flames. The North County Fire Department is also assisting firefighters.

A spokesperson for the California Fire Department said debris from a malfunctioning catalytic converter was found in the area and is suspected to be the cause of the fire.

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