At the launch of Kendall Jenner 818, play games, tequila shots and incredible decorations

At the launch of Kendall Jenner 818, play games, tequila shots and incredible decorations



KENDALL Jenner brought fans into the game, tequila shots and incredible decorations at its 818 release party.

Kendall, 25 years old, shared a series of Instagram The story of her party has a big 818 sign for everyone to watch.


Kendall held a conference for her 818 tequila brandImage source: Instagram
Kylie and Kim attended Kendall's press conference


Kylie and Kim attended Kendall’s press conferenceImage source: Instagram

In the video, guests play drinking games on candlelit tables.

gold, 40, Kolo, 36 and Courtney, 42-year-old Kardashian shared the video from the conference on social media.

Kylie JennerThe 23-year-old smiled and posed in front of a shelf with 818 tequila bottles, oranges and lemons.

When Kelly was wearing a sexy black dress, she shook her hips and danced Mariah Carey’s song “Let It Happen”.

Kylie danced Mariah Carey's song at the press conference


Kylie danced Mariah Carey’s song at the press conferenceImage source: Instagram

Kris JennerThe 65-year-old sits next to a big sign that says: “Come back soon.”

Although the Victoria’s Secret model celebrated the launch event, she was recently criticized by critics for her tequila ad, calling it “Cultural appropriation. “

In the ad, Kendall holds A glass of her tequila.

When she took a photo with a horse, there were also workers on the scene.

Played a drinking game at Kendall's 818 release party


Played a drinking game at Kendall’s 818 release partyImage source: Instagram

A critic said: “When you ride a horse, make the workers in the field look down on them as if you are their master. It is disgusting and deaf.”

Another commentator wrote: “Am I the only Mexican who thinks @KendallJenner’s agent hella colonizer has a new @818Tequila ad? It has a very cultural resonance.”

A Twitter user mentioned: “Kendall even cancelled her comment on the IG post because she knew we were hunting her. If you don’t want to be called, please stop cultural criticism.”

The fourth person said: “Wtf is this advertisement. Didn’t the insulting and offensive @KendallJenner learn from the Pepsi tragedy?”

Kris and Kylie co-shoot on Instagram


Kris and Kylie co-shoot on InstagramImage source: Instagram

Kendall shared her photo on Instagram Tequila 818And a short video of her in the field.

The reality TV star wrote: “So far, I have learned about this beautiful place, beautiful culture and beautiful people. What an incredible experience!”

Kendall announces the launch of its own tequila brand As early as February.

The supermodel has been researching Drink 818 to create the “best” tequila taste.

Kendall's Tequila 818 ad was severely criticized


Kendall’s Tequila 818 ad was severely criticizedCredit: Splash
The people of Kendall are excited about her


The people of Kendall are excited about her 818 tequila “hands-on”Credit: Splash

The 25-year-old said: “After dozens of blind taste tests, we visited our winery, participated anonymously in the world wine tasting competition, and won the championship… 3.5 years later, I think we did it!”

Kendall added: “This is everything we drank last year, and I can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy it like us!”

The number 818 represents the area code of San Fernando Valley, the local community where Kendall grew up.


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