The Liberal Party short-circuits the opposition bid to hold more committee hearings on military misconduct

The opposition has so far failed to restart the hearings of the House of Commons committee on military misconduct in the House of Commons, which appears to be a sequel.

The Conservative Party, the New Democrats and the Quebecers have all stated that they are in favor of a bill that will call a former senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense Hajit Sajjan to prove what she knows about the former The handling of informal allegations of General Jonathan’s misconduct. Vance.

For the second time in a week, the ruling Liberal Party blocks a Conservative Party’s motion to vote on the National Defense Committee of the House of Commons.

The motion also sought to recall Sajjan and former military inspector Gary Walbourne, who warned Sajjan in a private meeting in 2018 that Vance was in an email exchange with a junior officer There may be inappropriate behavior.

“Lost Link”

Zita Astravas, Sajyan’s former chief of staff, expressed concern to the Prime Minister’s Office. The opposition wants to ask her for details about the warning.

Conservative defense critic James Bezan described Astravas as a “missing link” to find out who in the Liberal government knew when and where the charges against Vance were.

The European Union signaled today that it is ready to support the motion and made a few changes.

Bloc councillor Xavier Barsalou-Duval said: “We are all looking for the truth.” He added that with the arrival of each new witness, the committee seems to have learned some new significance.

The committee agreed a few weeks ago to start curtailing public hearings and focus on writing reports before the summer recess of parliament and the expected federal election, which may take place this fall.

Liberal MP Pam Damoff said she opposed the motion because she believed that the opposition would not put survivors of sexual assaults at the center of the military’s debate.

Liberals are always there

The ruling Liberal Party obstructed Friday’s hearing-a tactic they used earlier this week and before-until the clock ran out and the meeting was suspended without a solution.

New Democratic Party defense critic Randall Garrison said that no party speaks on behalf of the survivors, and finding out how the government handles this allegation is critical to restoring confidence in the military and its leadership.

“We are accusing,” Garrison said. “We are looking for responsible people. In a parliamentary system, there must be a minister responsible for this failure to act in an effective way for the past six years.”

New Democratic Party member Randall Garrison (Randall Garrison): “We are pointing.” (CBC)

He said that members of Congress must find out “who ordered the investigation of General Vance not to be conducted” or “no one ordered the ball but threw the ball to the highest level.”

He said that without this information, it is not clear whether the recent promises of changes can be taken seriously.

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