The former Canadian ambassador to Israel worked for the Israeli intelligence company Black Cube

Radio Canada learned that after the diplomatic term of the former Canadian ambassador to Israel, Vivian Bercovici, he worked for the Israeli intelligence company Black Cube.

Black Cube is a controversial private sector company composed of former members of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.

The CBC/CBC mentioned her previous role as ambassador in a letter from Bercovici to potential Black Cube customers in 2019.

“Black Cube” made headlines in 2017 when it was discovered that Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein had hired Black Cube to dig out information about the women who accused him of sexual assault and the reporters who pursued the story. information.

In Canada, the Ontario court has criticized Black Cube for attempting to make the judge make anti-Semitic remarks in secretly recorded meetings, thereby making the judge notorious.

Bercovici was appointed as ambassador by then Prime Minister Stephen Harper in January 2014. In June 2016, she was deposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In an email sent by Bercovici to potential Black Cube customers in 2019, she said that she can provide a wide range of services, such as secret surveillance, finding hidden information about the personal lives of third parties, and tracking bank accounts and assets.

In other news, she wrote that she works at Black Cube, she will be one of the personnel who personally supervises all operations, and Black Cube believes that this can help customers achieve their goals. Although she was not an ambassador at the time, the news clearly indicated that she had held that position.

Radio Canada/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation chose not to disclose the content of all messages in order to protect the identity of the person sharing the message.

The news was provided by Bercovici as Radio Canada/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Some of her supporters, including personal friend Senator Linda Frum, accused Radio Canada in previous reports on the former ambassador/ Anti-Semitism by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Senator Linda Frum delivers a speech at a memorial service for Apotex billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman. (Nathan Dennett/Canada Press)

Bercovici, who lives in Israel, did not provide any answers to our questions-even before the time limit was extended at the request of the Toronto law firm Lenczner Slaght lawyer William McDowell.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/CBC (CBC) asked Bercovici when he started working for Black Cube and whether he was still working for the company.

Black Cube denied through its lawyers that Bercovi? had ever worked for them.

Jonathan Abrams, a lawyer at the British law firm Gregory Abrams Davidson, wrote: “Black Cube has never directly or indirectly employed Vivian through any subsidiary or third party. Ms. Berkovic.”

Abrams added: “We will emphasize that the Black Cube’s operations and methods are supported by highly respected expert legal opinions in every jurisdiction in which it operates, to ensure that the Black Cube’s activities are fully compliant with these. The applicable law of the jurisdiction.”

Black Cube has offices in Tel Aviv, London and Madrid.

Black Cube also threatened to sue CBC/CBC if it publishes the story.

Against judges

In the past, Black Cube has conducted controversial operations in Canada.

One of them was a secret undercover operation to destroy a Toronto judge who had ruled on his client Catalyst Capital Group (a private investment company). Radio Canada/CBC has no indication that Bercovici participated in the operation.

In 2017, Catalyst hired Israeli investigation and security company Tamara Global Holdings, which in turn retained the services of Black Cube and the no longer existing Israeli intelligence company Psy Group.

These companies were hired to assist Catalyst in legal disputes with competitors.

As shown in the picture, when Yossi Tanuri left the Jewish Director-General of the Jewish Federation of Canada (UIA) in 2019, his divorce party was held at Senator Linda Froom’s house. (Twitter/@eshanken)

One of the goals of the large-scale secret operation they organized was to attack the reputation of Judge Frank Newbold. Judge Frank Newbold ruled on Catalyst in a commercial legal dispute.

A black box agent used a false identity to meet with Judge Newbold and tried to get him to make anti-Semitic remarks in a secretly taped meeting.

“Based on the basic situation, we are trying to prove that he is a racist, a degenerate anti-Semitic, and trying to find information that may negatively affect him,” Psy Group agents wrote to Black Cube agents. A decision of the Ontario Superior Court was made public in March 2021.

The court’s recent decision revealed new details about the activities of these intelligence companies in Canada. But since at least 2018, the fact that Tamara Global Holdings acts as an intermediary between Catalyst, Black Cube and Psy Group has been well known.

Black Cube’s ethical standards

According to his biography, the head of Tamara Global is Yossi Tanuri, the former commander of the elite forces of the Israel Defense Forces.

Tanuri also served as the Director General of the Canadian Jewish Federation (UIA) from 2004 to 2019.

When asked if Tanuri was aware of the involvement of these intelligence companies during his tenure as director general, the Jewish Federation of the Canadian Jewish Association (UIA) did not respond. Tanuri also did not respond to the e-mail from Radio Canada.

Radio Canada also contacted Senator Froome. Senator Froome has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of the Jewish Association of Canada (UIA) since 2017. When Tanuri left the organization in 2019, his divorce party was held at Froome’s house.

Froom said that when Tanuri was the director general of the organization, she did not know his relationship with the Black Cube. She said that she had no reaction to his involvement in Black Cube and Psy Group’s operations, as stated in the recent court ruling.

See Dan Zorella of Black Cube leaving Black Cube’s office. (Wikimedia)

When asked if she knew Bercovici worked for Black Cube, Frum replied: “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

Private-sector intelligence scholar and expert Avner Barnia said: “The Black Cube is dangerous because it does not abide by ethical codes.”

When Barnea arrived in Israel, he said that the Black Cube was still far from the ethical standards set by the International Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (International Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals). He was the committee’s consultant.

On its website, Black Cube describes itself as a “selected veteran from Israel’s elite intelligence service, who specializes in providing tailor-made solutions to complex business and litigation challenges.”

Barnea said that some of Black Cube’s activities may be permitted by government intelligence agencies but unacceptable for private companies.

Mysterious letter

The Canadian Radio/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigation of Bercovici and Black Cube began with a mysterious letter.

In January 2021, Radio Canada/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported a letter signed by Bercovici to Alan Bender, a businessman in Toronto and a supporter of the Liberal Party.

In the November 2019 letter, Bercovici proposed to abandon the lawsuit against the Canadian government in order to thank Bender for saving her life.

The letter was sent by an anonymous source, but Radio Canada was able to confirm that it was written by Bercovici.

In 2018, Becovic filed a lawsuit against the federal government, accusing the Trudeau government of showing malice when terminating diplomatic appointments and failing to receive proper pension compensation.

The lawsuit has now been resolved and is covered by the confidentiality agreement.

Private sector intelligence scholar and expert Avner Barnea is also a member of the SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professional) Advisory Committee. (Flickr Bar-Yilan University)

In January, the international mediator Bender said in a telephone interview with Radio Canada that important political figures (including a political figure from Israel) asked him to intervene to help Becovic.

Band said that he did save Besovic’s life and her professional and personal reputation, but he did not want to disclose any details. Bekovic declined to comment at the time.

Radio Canada contacted Bender again and asked whether the alleged threat to Bercovici’s life was related to her Black Cube activities. Bender declined to comment.

Some of the decisions and expenses of Bercovici during her tenure as ambassador have attracted people’s attention in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-she herself admitted this in the lawsuit.

Berkovic insisted on renting private office space outside the embassy, ??a move considered by senior officials to be very unusual. Radio Canada/CBC does not name these sources because they do not have the right to speak publicly on this issue.

As previously pointed out by Bercovici’s lawyers, the rent of office space at 22 Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv has been approved by the diplomatic service.

Berkovic, Senator Froome and some other Jewish organizations, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/CBC, cited unnamed sources in their reports, claiming that these sources conferred double loyalty on Berkovic. Brand of anti-Semitism.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism cited an aspect of anti-Semitism, accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel than to their own country. This is the Canadian government’s announcement in 2019 Adopted in the year.

However, the concerns raised by Radio Canada officials are related to the behavior of the former ambassador and the nature of the decision, which they say is very unusual for senior diplomats. In these interviews, no officials showed any anti-Semitic sentiment.

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