Shin Kong 2021 finals-vote for your favorite child and you will win £500 in cash!

We have reached the final stage of the Sunshine Finals-this is an all-girl game!

More than 15,000 entries have been reduced to only 6 babies.right now you You can choose the winner and have a chance to win £500 cash after voting.


Six babies made it to the final, but who should be the winner?

Our judging team has worked tirelessly to create a shortlist of 48 babies from an amazing profile of 15,383 contestants-roughly equal between men and women.

Since then, in a series of preliminaries and semifinals, Sun users have helped us narrow the scope to the six babies below. But there can only be one winner!

The parent/caregiver of the winning baby will win £1,000 in cash, but anyone who votes can win £500.

Choose below and you will see the bonus question. Answer correctly and fill in your details, and you will participate in our cash prize draw. British residents, only over 18 years old. look here Complete terms and conditions.

Alright, are you ready to choose your Sunbeams 2021 winner?

Last six

Eastbourne Amaya


age: 10 months

Nature-especially the trees blowing in the wind
Crawling/trying to walk
From the first thing in the morning until she finally fell asleep

Can’t see family and friends
go to bed

Southampton Ava


age: 13 months

Messy play
She can put anything, especially yogurt
Books and hugs before bedtime
Help mom and dad unload the washing machine
Bath time

Wear a hat!
She is a closed baby, so she doesn’t like strangers
Brush your teeth (although the mummy makes her)

Amelia, Weston Super Mare


age: One year

Face to face with family
Playing with her toys

When dad cheers on cricket
The sound of using the parcel belt

Eddie Birmingham


age: 9 months

Dancing reggae
Clap your hands with her favorite nursery rhyme
Take a sip of Dad’s tea once in a while!

Get out of the bathroom
wear clothes

Derby Halle


age: One year

Take two dogs to the field and throw the ball to them
Crab sticks and chocolate
She waved to the dog while walking (I think she was waiting for a dog to wave to her!)

Lie down!She is always smart, very early

Ivy, Bexhill-on-Sea


age: 11 months

Wear a hat to play-or anything you can wear on your head!
Dancing-As soon as she hears music, she can’t help being her little baby toy

Mummy leaves the room
Her big brother took her toys away from her

Vote now!

That’s it-our six beautiful finalists. But which baby is your nursery queen? Make your choice now!

Can’t see the poll above? Click/click here to open this article In a new window/tab.Voting closed: May 28 (Friday) at 10 am.

Sunshine 2021-The road to the finals!

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