Prince Harry said that Diana’s pain after death made me drink and take drugs.

Prince Harry said that Diana’s pain after death made me drink and take drugs.



Prince Harry said he abused alcohol to relieve the pain of his mother Diana’s death in 1997, and accused the royal family of ignoring him and his wife Megan when considering suicide.

Harry, 36, previously talked about the pain of losing Diana in a car accident in Paris and then having to walk behind his mother’s coffin after the funeral of his 12-year-old mother under the glare of the world media.

“I am willing to drink, I am willing to take drugs, and I am willing to try to do things that make me feel less like it,” Harry told Oprah Winfrey in the new Apple TV series on mental health. You can’t see me.

He said: “I might drink for a week on a Friday or Saturday night, and I find myself drinking not because I enjoy it, but because I want to cover up something.”

Harry said that the experience of losing his mother has exacerbated suicidal thoughts about his wife Meghan, although she said the royal family knew nothing about it.

“The thing that made her unable to see through was how unfair to me that happened after everything that happened to my mother, now being placed in the position of losing another woman in my life, with a baby in it Child,” he said.

“I felt completely helpless. I thought my family would help, but every inquiry, request, warning, whatever it was, became completely silent or completely ignored.”

Repeated criticism

Under the leadership of his 95-year-old grandmother Queen Elizabeth and his 72-year-old father, Prince Charles, Harry repeatedly criticized the British royal family, which created another public relations crisis for the monarch.

Watch | In the past, the “deceptive strategy” has received a famous interview with Princess Diana:

The queen said that she felt sad to learn about Harry and Meghan’s experience.

She said that although the memories may be different, the royal family will also resolve the racial issues raised by the couple. The latter said that an unnamed member of the royal family made racist comments about his son Archie’s race before his birth.


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