Padres (Padres)’s first series return at full capacity, will receive the full “Opening Day” treatment

San Diego— San Diego Padres Since next month in 2019, he will have the opportunity to play in the overcrowded house for the first time, and they plan to restore his style.

The team announced the first series after California Remove most COVID-19 restrictions Held on June 15th, and allows participation in large-scale outdoor activities. The team is celebrating a celebration called “San Diego Opening Day”.

The game will start on Thursday, June 17. During the team’s 5:40 p.m. match against the Cincinnati Reds, Petko Park will “receive and commend the local first-line heroes who made this day possible, and provide every weekend A special fan promotion for the game against the Reds series.”

The pre-match DJ will spin on the Sycuan stage in Gallagher Square on June 17th, and then perform a traditional MLB opening day treatment in the stadium, and display the American flag on the military flyover. More than 250 active military personnel will participate. game. Live introduction of the lineup and fireworks display after the game.

The party will continue on Friday, June 18th. This is the team’s first BeerFest of the season-pre-match happy hour, held at Gallagher Square, with special offers from local and national breweries, including 5 oz 12 oz pours.

On Saturday, June 19, fans will watch the live band’s live performance before the first performance on the Sycuan stage, and game participants will receive free Padres “aloha shirts”.

The team stated that Sunday, June 20 will be a family-centric day, and the team’s KidFest program and special Father’s Day activities will return, including gifts for fathers and competitions for fathers and their children. After the time of the competition (pre-registration is required).

Starting from the Reds series, season ticket holders will also have the opportunity to return to their regular seats in the stands and get tickets for a single game- Hot commodity In the months when the team was open, attendance was restricted and prices in the secondary market soared. It will be available to the public from 1pm on June 4 (Friday)

State health officials announced the clearest conditions so far on Friday, and they plan to lift the state’s tiered open system on June 15. For large outdoor events with more than 10,000 people (for example, Padres Approximately 30,000 per game on average (In the last full season of 2019), New York State recommends that event organizers require participants to provide proof of vaccination or test negative for COVID-19. But this is only a guide, not a requirement, and Padres’ announcement did not mention such a system.

It is expected that there will be more details about the state’s new regulations soon, and San Diego County may issue its own guidelines.

A Padres spokesperson said that fans who want to participate in the game should have confidence in the team’s focus on keeping people healthy.

The team statement said: “As an outdoor court, Petco Park is still one of the safest venues in San Diego.” “We will continue to take some enhanced health and safety measures, including the Petco Park Cleaning Team regularly conduct thorough cleaning without touching soap. Towels and hand sanitizer stations and UV light handrails on escalators throughout the stadium.”

Tickets for single-player games starting from June 4th can be purchased Here.

Group and suite tickets will also be available from June 17th. To book, Visit this link.

The best time for the team to get back to top shape is, Hot Start As of Friday, there is still the first game.

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