New Jersey will remove regulations on indoor masks for vaccinated people before Memorial Day weekend

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is expected to cancel the state’s indoor mask regulations for people who are vaccinated in most cases next Friday. With the decline in the spread of COVID-19 and the rise in vaccination rates, Murphy plans to announce this decision on Monday.

CDC has yet to be changed after last week Relaxing guidelines for indoor masks, Which provides greater freedom for vaccinated people without wearing a mask. Most parts of Pennsylvania quickly adopted this new policy, but New Jersey initially adopted a cautious approach. Murphy has said that the state will not make this change, but he did give up New Jersey’s outdoor mask regulations.

In Philadelphia, the health department announced this week At least until June 11 Cancel the city’s regulations on indoor masks for vaccinated people. Many of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed on Friday, and the rest will be completely cancelled on June 11.

In New Jersey, more than 4 million residents have received full vaccination, accounting for Approximately 45% of the population of the state. Approximately 57% of residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. The state set a goal of reaching 70% by the end of June, when it hoped to lift its public health emergency.

Number of COVID-19 cases By May, the entire state of New Jersey had fallen sharply, According to the state’s data information center.

Speaking Friday in Sussex CountyMurphy said the state’s COVID-19 test positive rate dropped below 2% for the first time in six to eight months.

When Murphy initially stated that the country would not change, he cited the continuing risks in densely populated urban areas and his discomfort with the honor system that only vaccinated people would take off their masks indoors. Especially in enterprises where workers may be exposed. The governor has stated that he does not want New Jersey to go backwards at a critical moment in the pandemic response.

But as the Memorial Day weekend approaches, Murphy seems to be satisfied with the state’s progress and is ready to align with CDC guidelines.

Detailed information about the possible use of masks indoors is expected to be officially announced on Monday.

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