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Lucy Harry and Meghan’s “Montevicito” home, valued at $14.7 million

The Sun reported exclusively that after one of the driest years of the past decade, Harry and Meghan’s $14.7 million house faced “serious wildfires” while neighbors were “sick.”

The royal couple moved from England to sunny California last year. They bought an amazing house in the celebrity enclave of Montecito and lived with their two-year-old son Archie. .

Due to Meghan’s severe pregnancy, they may eventually be evacuated Their newborn daughterAfter a severe warning from officials this month, their toddler son and pet pet.

Christina Favuzzi, the Montecito Fire Public Information Officer, specifically told The Sun’s homeowners, such as Meghan and Harry, that they should prepare for the worst.

She said: “We are facing record low fuel humidity and expected weather conditions. These factors can lead to severe fire seasons. On [Meghan and Harry’s road] In all areas of the Montecito Fire Zone, we have been conducting extensive wildfire prevention efforts to educate, prepare and protect our communities.

“According to statistics from the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District, by this time last year, Montecito had received more than 17 inches of rain, which marks the average rainfall year. By 2021, our community has received approximately 10 inches of rain, which makes it one of the driest years in the past decade.”

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