Manchester United’s target Harry Kane laughed at the transfer to Gary Neville, Pogba told to leave, Danny Ingus (transfer)

Manchester United’s target Harry Kane laughed at the transfer to Gary Neville, Pogba told to leave, Danny Ingus (transfer)



Good morning men UTD fans

Tottenham superstar Harry Kane reiterated his desire to win the trophy and said that he does not want to end his career due to regret.

Kane told the Spurs that he wanted to leave the club after the end of the season. This was another trophy-free battle. After the tournament, the North Londoners lost their Champions League qualification for the second year in a row.

The England star forward said on Gary Neville’s YouTube show “The Overlap”: “I don’t want to go to the end of my career. I regret that. I want to be the best.

“I never said my entire career with the Spurs, nor did I say that I would leave the Spurs. People may say,’He is eager to win a trophy, he needs a trophy’, but I think I still have another career play.

“I still have a lot to pay. I can produce a higher number than the current one.

“I am not afraid to say,’I want to be the best.’ I want to try and reach a level [Cristiano] Ronaldo and [Lionel] Messi went. That is my ultimate goal-to win a trophy in the playoffs, and to score 50, 60, 70 goals in the playoffs. “

The 27-year-old player seems to remain in the Premier League and is currently watching Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea closely.

Liverpool legend John Barnes (John Barnes) suggested that Tottenham players do not want to move to Manchester City, but choose the Blues or Manchester United.

Barnes told BonusCodeBets: “As far as the three clubs are concerned, he should choose Chelsea or Manchester United instead of Manchester City.

“If he goes to Manchester City, he will not become a Tottenham player, because at Tottenham, he is the creator of everything, the scorer and the point of contact.

“At Manchester City, he will not provide him with a salary like other players. This is a more comprehensive way of playing that he is not used to.

“Chelsea and Manchester United need centers. Manchester United have great players around. They have Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martin and Mason Greenwood, but they do need the 9 position.

“Chelsea also needs a striker, and Thomas Tuchel doesn’t seem to like Tammy Abraham or Timo Werner.”

Harry Maguire has greatly increased Manchester United’s injury rate.

Two weeks ago, Maguire was injured in a game with Aston Villa and expressed doubts about his physical condition in the Europa League final against Villarreal on May 26.

However, the England defender gave up his cane while attending the premiere of Sir Ferguson’s new film.


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