Manchester teenagers will receive the Covid vaccine as health authorities face a “race against time” as they fight the Indian strain

Manchester teenagers will be offered Covid vaccines because health authorities face a “time race” in the fight against the Indian strain.

When Manchester launches the “Preventive Vaccine Program”, it will provide coronavirus pricks to people under the age of 16 in vulnerable families.

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Now, 16-year-old teenagers will be provided with Covid jabs in the Manchester areaCredit: LNP

Manchester Public Health Director David Regan (David Regan) stated that the City of Manchester is “buying time” to deal with the new variants- It spreads more easily than other strains.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be provided to people 18 years and older in target wards, and 17 and 16-year-olds in eligible families will also be notified of the vaccine.

Wards involved in accelerated vaccine deployment include Ardwick, Crumpsall, Cheetham, Moss Side, Levenshulme, Longsight, Rusholme and Whalley Range.

More than half of the population in these areas are black, Asian and minority residents, many of whom live in multi-generational families.

In other parts of England, As the age limit has dropped again, now 32- and 33-year-olds can book vaccine appointments.

This is as As scientists studied the “strange combination” of genes, a new “triple mutation” Covid strain was discovered in Yorkshire.

The health chief said that a total of 49 new strains have been identified-but there is no evidence that it is more easily spread or resistant to vaccines.


The “variants under investigation” found in Yorkshire and the Humber, England are currently being investigated by Public Health England. The country’s R rate climbed to 0.9.

However, residents of Yorkshire are urged not to panic about the spread of the latest VUI-21MAY-01 or AV.1 virus.

Sheffield Public Health Director Greg Fell said his team has been monitoring the “triple mutant” variant and found There is no reason to think that it is more easily spread or resistant to vaccines.

While continuing to explore the “strange combination of mutations”, additional testing and tracking were also carried out.

Downing Street said yesterday that the variant is being monitored, and emphasized that “we will not hesitate to take measures that we deem necessary to try to solve the spread of any variant.”

This is seen in the west of England As Covid cases rose in 97 regions, the Indian variant quadrupled in a week.


But Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this week that the data indicate that the vaccine is being launched Really opposed to Indian variants.

It was announced yesterday that due to the spread of the coronavirus mutation in India, the official R rate has risen to 1.1 in some parts of England and may reach 1.2 in the northwest.

The figures also show “potential early signs of growth” in the number of cases in the country.

Experts say that people have always expected that once people gain more social freedom, the R rate will increase slightly.

However, the incidence of vaccines has been maintained at a very low level, and there are signs that vaccines are trying to curb the spread.

However, there are some concerns Indian variants may go bankrupt England has a chance to get rid of all Covid restrictions in June.

already About 3500 boxes The Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom said yesterday that the virus has been found across the UK, an increase from 2,111 cases a week ago.

Will the experts Derailment lock release, I believe there will be an outbreak Keep it local, For example in the northwest.

However, the ministers will not make any final decisions until the second week of June, at which time they will learn more about the pressure of rapid spread.

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