Man faces escape scene for 30 years after fatally hitting a cyclist

Vista, California (CNS)-a man People who fatally hit a bicycle in Escondido, Then fled the scene and was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison next month.

Jamison Connor, 42, was convicted by the Vista jury on Thursday on seven felony and misdemeanor counts, including the danger of endangering children and various counts related to felony drug possession and firearm possession.

Connor was originally Trial will start this week According to data from the agency district, based on the manslaughter and immediate escape charges related to November 23, 2019, the 36-year-old Vista resident Kevin Lentz died, but the two charges at the beginning of his trial Both pleaded guilty. Attorney Drew Garrison.

Lentz was riding on La Honda Drive when he was hit by a dark Toyota sedan just before noon. The police said that the car that was found in the crash was abandoned by the driver within a short distance.

Lentz died at the scene. His wife and young son survived.

Connor was arrested at a traffic stop five days later when the police found methamphetamine in the vehicle and a gun in the glove box. He was prohibited from carrying it due to a felony conviction.

The prosecutor said that Connor also drove under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine on November 28, and brought his son in the car, and charged the children with danger.

The verdict will be held on June 21.

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