Local tech company helps parents find daycare options

San Diego – Finding an open daycare facility is like playing in a musical chair. The local parents said the chairs disappeared quickly.

“Their daycare is closed-completely gone,” Kristy Garver, the mother of three in San Diego, stopped at Balboa Park Friday to let her children swing.

“We kept them at home for a whole year. It was an adventure.”

Daycare facilities that survived the pandemic now feel that their parents are eager to lock a second location. California requires a reopening date of June 15.

“This is crazy,” Garver said. “It’s like trying to get tickets to a concert. I have admitted him. She has nothing. So for me, I will have three children in three different places, but I don’t even know from Where to start looking for her.”

This is where a local technology company called Tootris comes in.

The company’s founder and San Diego Alexandra Resama said: “Parents no longer have to be on the list of 18 providers who have to call and leave a message to call back.” “They can do it online.”

Lezama is a single mother, and she said she knows well the hardship of finding a daycare provider and the time it takes to check various options on the phone. Her company tracked the opening of more than 3,200 local daycare sites and more than 32,000 sites in California, and provided the latest results.

The company has also begun to work with companies to make childcare services a part of employee benefits, similar to certain ways of providing health services.

She said: “Because of COVID, parenting has infiltrated the sight of corporate executives,” they realized that parenting is no longer a family issue. This is a business issue. Therefore, more and more companies want to provide support. “

For more information or to search for local daycare providers, please visit tootris.com.

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