Kevin Cooney (Kevin Cooney): “Red Sox” series, future road trips will have a significant impact on the Phillies’ foreground

Three days this weekend, Dave Dombrowski’s past will meet Dave Dombrowski’s present and future.

It’s hard to remember, because every year feels like the Year of the Dog, but Dombrowski formed one of the most important team in history-Red Sox in the fall of 2018. The team broke into 108 regular seasons. On the way to the fourth World Championship in the series in 14 years, only 3 of the 14 games won were lost.

Twelve months later, Dombrovsky left Boston in some impolite manner because of his deep baseball pedigree, with a few rings on his fingers, and he was former Rays assistant general manager General Shamm. · The son of Chaim Bloom, he started to tear down everything, including the permanent MVP candidate Mookie Betts-now with the anniversary approaching, Boston is among the best in the AL East race.

At the same time, Dombrowski’s Phillies team may be approaching a seasonal turning point. Despite the fact that with the approach of the first important milestone of the season, almost all individual indicators seem to be flashing warning signs, but they are still close to the peak of the Eastern Nations League.

The injury is getting worse. When some starters are inconsistent (Aaron Nora) or consistently bad (chasing Anderson), the bullpen still has problems. Defense has been bad in history, especially in the infield. The continued poor game problem provides this team with a limit, and unless corrected, it will continue to collapse.

This is why it is so important that Dombrowski and General Manager Sam Fuld must immediately make some changes to the landscape without having to wait until July. We have said before that, although history usually does not run in a way that allows many transactions before the end of June, the current copper pipes will have to follow this trend and develop upstream.

What makes the challenge special is that the Phillies are in a very strange place. Their core parts-Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto, Zach Wheeler and Nola are at their peak, ready to contend. You might hope that this is the main factor for a team that not only can march into October, but it can be dangerous in October.

However, the rest of the roster is not yet worthy of playoff consideration. In addition to Alec Bohm, who is working hard but still has a bright future, do you have a young player on the team to make you move forward with excitement? The voice you hear is.

The minor league system is barren. Bryson Stott, Mick Abel and Spencer Howard all arouse great trade interest. (However, considering his already daunting injury history, Howard’s return may be very low.) These three people and people like Bohm will attract the attention of most teams. In addition, the cabinets are bare.

So when you realize that the Phillies in 2024 or 2025 might be terrible, will you somehow trade outside of this group, but no one really cares whether 2021 and 2022 will enter the postseason Competition seats? If you look at Dombrowski’s past history, it is always a trend line. To a large extent, this is why he is not in Boston yet.

10 years after the end of the playoffs, most Phillies fans have no doubt about which way they exercise. Moreover, the timetable between now and the end of June also makes this problem tricky. The most daunting thing is the swing from Florida to Miami (with the Phillies) and Tampa next week, followed by the West Coast trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco in mid-June.

These trips may eventually tell you whether it is worth a try. If Philadelphia abdicates, then Dombrovsky can wisely seize the capital of minors and start selling works that can be replaced here (Rhys Hoskins can fully fit the last definition.) If they still linger, then the temptation Will fight for it in this defective department.

Touch all

• Jean Segura may become one of the mysterious figures in recent Philly history. It is easy to see the value of his figures. However, these numbers are incredible. After making a serious mistake, his outburst against Joe Girardi on Sunday showed that his current consciousness is not exactly the same as the winning team.

• If the Phillies are so determined to ensure Howard stays restricted, why hasn’t he reached the majors yet? Any start he makes for IronPig now is just a waste of road. Howard proved his ability, better than Anderson. If you want to combine the two together every time you start, then it works well.

• When you seem to be undisturbed overnight, you will encounter Rob Manfred’s problems.

• Speaking of which, since Bob Forsch in 1978, the Phillies have been just an undisturbed victim. Doesn’t it seem surprising? It belongs to former prime minister Josh Beckett when he was with the Dodgers on Memorial Day weekend in 2014. (The Indians, Sailors and Rangers have not been hit twice this season.)

Next week

As mentioned above, the Red Sox will start three games on Friday night. Alex Cora’s second performance as a Boston agent has recovered, with the Red Sox leading 27-18 and the Yankees’ game entering the weekend. Boston can score: Entering the weekend, their 232 runs were the second largest baseball game after the Astros.

After that, it had four Marlins in Miami, two against the Rays in St. Peter, and three against the Reds in Cincinnati. We have looked back at how bad the Phillies played against the Fish in the past three seasons of pranks. They are still struggling among their peers, and their game at Tropicana Field ended last year. In other words, all the stretched sections are marked with red.

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