Colin Farrell’s heroic cave diver played his role in the movie and how he saved Thai children

He is a fearless cave diver. He has saved more than a dozen Thai children in his life. Their football coach was trapped deep underground for 17 days.

But humble John Wranson Disappointed learning Colin Farrell Will play his director Ron Howard’s A new movie about rescue.


John’s heroic deeds of rescue are popular all over the worldImage source: SWNS: Southwest News Service

This Bristol IT consultant and divorced father convinced Rowan Atkinson -As Mr. Bean -More suitable for his nerd appearance.

And he has never heard of Irish A-lister Colin.

In an exclusive interview John reveals The Thai boys are far from being alive.

He also had a long Zoom call with the 44-year-old father of two children, Colin (Colin).

John 49 years old Tell The Sun: “Ron Howard told me that when we were chatting on Zoom last fall, Colin Farrell was playing with me. I’m not a great movie fan, so I don’t know who he is.

“I originally asked Ron Atkinson for some kind of joking. He was wearing glasses and he was laughing-I was thinking about Mr. Bean-that seemed appropriate. But Ron made it clear that he was not filming. That kind of movie.

“I’m not a clumsy Irishman, but Colin is great. The more I know about him, the more I will respect him.

“His attention to detail is amazing. We have been chatting on Zoom for a few hours. Although our life path is completely different, we have some common views on life, but it did not meet your expectations.

A moment after discovering that the trapped young man was still alive


A moment after discovering that the trapped young man was still aliveCredit: EPA

“We both have exe, we all have children with these relationships, and we seem to have similar philosophies on how to make these things work.”

The Twelve Boys of the Boar Junior football team trapped in the Tham Luang cave complex Northern Thailand On June 23, 2018.

It is not clear why the boys aged between 11 and 16 and their 25-year-old coach Ekkaphon Chanthawong Walk into the cave After football practice.

When the heavy rain swept over and flooded the exit, their chances of survival seemed bleak.

British cave diver Vern Unsworth, who lives there, persuaded Thai authorities Seek help from the British Cave Rescue Committee.

World-class cave diver John and his 60-year-old colleague Richard Stanton (Richard Stanton) were asked to catch the next flight.

then, John is in the IT department The sales meeting is in his hometown.

He said: “I think it is brave for Thais to seek outside help so early. If they postpone it, the boys may not have done it.

The drama began, and John came out of the cave wearing diving equipment.


The drama began, and John came out of the cave wearing diving equipment.Credit: Getty

“When we arrive at the cave, we have to start from scratch.

“This Ministry of Tourism We were asked to help, but the Thai military is responsible, and various groups have various agendas. Only get permission to enter. “

It is hoped that these boys will find an airbag in the Pattaya Beach area about two miles from the entrance of the cave.

But when John and Rick entered the dark room on July 2, the boys were missing for more than a week, and the group was nowhere to be seen.

They are actually at another 1,300 feet.John said: “The difficulty of rescue is unprecedented. The amount of water passing through the cave is huge.

“The first few days was a raging river underground. I wish I could swim into a room and start hitting corpses.

“We are absolutely following the diving rules when looking for children. If something goes wrong, we don’t have enough air to return independently.

“When we reached the room, the boys were hiding inside. They started to consume oxygen and the carbon dioxide level was rising.

John and the diver are honored by the Thai minister


John and the diver are honored by the Thai ministerCredit: Virus Press

“The smell is serious, so I thought we found the corpse. But it was just excrement.

“I can’t believe they are all alive. The coach found one of the few places in the cave where 13 people can survive. That is an amazing skill-or luck.

“When I counted their faces, I kept saying,’believe’. People thought I wanted to assure the boys, but I wanted to convince myself that this was indeed happening.”

More than 100 divers and 2,000 soldiers assisted in the rescue, and more than 1 billion liters of water (equivalent to 400 Olympic swimming pools) were drawn from the cave.

Sadly, Thai Navy SEAL Shaman KunanJohn, 37, is chatting with him in the effort. He passed away on July 6th when he was on the way to deliver oxygen to the boys.

After a lot of debate, it was decided These kids Will be sedated and then guided to the ground through a series of submerged tunnels only two feet wide.

Tesla founder Elon Musk Want to provide a small submarine to help

When Unsworth rejected his proposal, the technology billionaire incorrectly referred to him as a “lady” on Twitter, triggering legal proceedings.

The rescue operation started on July 9th and required iron and steel courage

Action filmmaker and Hollywood A-lister Colin Farrell will play cave hero John


Action filmmaker and Hollywood A-lister Colin Farrell will play cave hero JohnImage source: AP: Associated Press

John’s team spent two days and the last four boys were rescued 17 days after entering the cave

John said: “Boys wear diving suits and carry straps with handles. It is easier for smaller boys, and much more difficult for older boys and instructors.

“We tied their hands behind their backs so that they could not pull the open cover and tie their feet together. I have to be very careful because their masks will drown, so their masks will not fall off.

“There is no second chance. Visibility is too poor. When I feel the bubbles produced by his regulator, I can only say whether the boy is still alive. If they start to instigate, we will calm them down again.

“That’s not my favorite part, because I have needle phobia.”

Regarding cave diving, John added: “What inspires me is to find new caves where I have never seen light, let alone footprints.

“Each cave brings a unique difficulty. I am satisfied with the solution and then bet my bet on it.”

John received George Medal From British government For his bravery

Half-cooked-Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson) as the iconic peas on TV


Half-cooked-Rowan Atkinson (Rowan Atkinson) as the iconic peas on TVCredit: Rex


“Thirteen Lessons to Save Thirteen Lives” by John Volanthen (Aurum) will be released on June 1st

He has now written a book “Thirteen Lessons to Save Thirteen Lives” and started shooting in the movie In Australia, with Viggo Mortensen As Stanton.

John said: “I can’t express enough determination for the boys I brought out to survive. The most important part is to be able to meet your parents without saying: “I am sorry for your loss.”

“I have done it many times, and the most difficult thing is to say those things.”

  • “Thirteen Lessons to Save Thirteen Lives” by John Volanthen (Aurum) will be released on June 1.
The heroic British diver John Volanthen who helped the Thai cave rescue returns to the UK

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